3 reasons self-storage can benefit students

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When the university year comes to an end, students flock in their droves to train stations carrying heavy suitcases filled to the brim with all of their belongings. They return just a few months later, carrying many of the same things to move back into their new accommodation. If this sounds like you, then it might be time to consider keeping your things in self-storage until you’re ready to collect them in the new academic year.

1. It lets you travel light

Instead of struggling on public transport with the total contents of your room over the previous year, you can pack just what you need for your life back home – nothing more. Using self-storage in Manchester will allow you to leave your bulkier items in the city until you return.

2. Saves unpacking (again)

Taking all of your belongings home means you’ll have to put them somewhere, or go through the process of unpacking them… only to have to pack, take it back up to your student accommodation the following academic year and unpack it all again! Putting it into storage simplifies things and ensures you’ll only have to pack and unpack once, saving you valuable time when moving into your new student digs.

3. Eases luggage worries for international students

Instead of paying through the nose to have all of your possessions flown back home with you, putting them in storage units can save you time, money and hassle. They’ll be waiting safely in your storage lockers on your return.

Storage World have a store just 1 mile away from the University of Manchester and 2 miles outside of Manchester Metropolitan Uni. Offering packaging materials and storage boxes, as well as a removals service to help you drop off and then collect your belongings, Storage World can give students a comprehensive package that solves all of their storage needs in between term-time.

Cheap storage units are also available from Storage World’s other centre in Middleton, which serves the wider area including Rochdale and Oldham.

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