3 ways any Middleton business can deal with excess stock

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If you run a business in the Middleton area, then excess stock could be an issue you are facing. Although you always need enough stock to fulfil orders or keep your shop’s shelves full, you don’t want too much on your premises either. This could lead to the extra stock taking over the whole premises and also cause health and safety hazards within your business.

For many Middleton based organisations, this presents a problem. You may not be able to or want to simply get rid of it so how can you manage excess stock in the best way possible?

Choose self-storage

The best way to get on top of your excess stock problem while still keeping it for when required is via a self-storage unit. These great value units come in a variety of sizes and give you a secure place to store excess stock for a later date. If you choose storage in the Middleton area, then you will be able to access it quickly when needed too.


You may find when looking through the extra items you currently have on site that some is out of date or not in a good condition to be used. If this is the case, then there is no point in hanging onto it! When moving your excess stock from the store-room to a self storage unit, take the chance to de-clutter as you go. This will also mean you need smaller self-storage units and thus save you money.

Sell some of it

As well as de-cluttering, why not try to actually sell some of your excess stock? Any that has been there for a while is perfect for a discounted special offer promotion that will not only deal with the storage issue but also make some money too. If it was only sitting around forgotten about anyway then it is much better to get what you can for it and only put the excess stock that is current into storage elsewhere.

Let Storage World help today

If you have excess stock that you need to find great value and secure storage for then let us help. We have a large store in Middleton that is perfect for any businesses in the region who need somewhere close by and handy to keep any extra products safe.

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