3 ways self storage could benefit you during retirement

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You have recently retired, and can’t wait to experience all of the things you have never been able to do before because of work and family commitments. So what’s stopping you? Your house and your belongings, of course; you may be wondering what to do with all of your furniture when you downsize, travel or rearrange your home. Self storage may be a solution you hadn’t considered before. Here are three ways it could benefit you during retirement.

1. Downsize and gradually move your furniture

You no longer need such a large home now that the kids have flown the nest, and by selling it, you can free up some extra cash to do something you have always wanted to do. Storing your furniture while you work out the finer details of the move may be a good idea. This means you can take your time with moving everything into your new home, rather than having to immediately decide where it’s all going to go.

2. Wave goodbye to Manchester and go travelling

The time has finally come to go on that round the world trip you’ve been thinking about for years, so you’re going to sell your house and use the money to travel. Yet you don’t want to sell all of your furniture, only to come back from your trip to absolutely nothing. Placing all of your belongings in a self storage unit will keep them secure until you decide to return to Manchester.

3. Free up room in the home

Now that you’re retired, you may want to spend time improving the home and decluttering. The kids’ rooms are still full of old furniture, even though they moved out years ago, and the attic is packed with boxes that are just collecting dust. All of the surplus items could be kept in a self storage unit, so you can transform your attic or spare room into a home gym, library or new bedroom for the grandkids to stay in. You can then sort through all of the stored items at your leisure.


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