3 ways self-storage could help you sell your house faster

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Savvy sellers all around Greater Manchester are using self-storage to sell their properties fast. Whether you want to get a head start on moving home or you’re aiming to de-personalise your property ahead of estate agent photos and viewings, placing furniture and unused items in self-storage could maximise the appeal of your Manchester property. Here’s how.

1. It increases space

Worried that buyers will think your property looks a bit on the poky side? Think about all of the things you and your family will hardly use before you move, from the dining table and those boxes of surplus toys to that old piano gathering dust in the corner, and place them all in storage. One of the key things every buyer looks for in a property is space, and what better way to create it?

2. Strips it back to a blank canvas

Not everyone has the same taste in furniture and décor so buyers may struggle to imagine making their mark on a house that has pictures of your family on every wall. By putting most, if not all, of these more personal items away in self-storage, you’ll restore your property back to a blank canvas and make it look more like a show home.

3. Enables you to clear storage areas

A buyer will want to know that your property has more than enough storage room, so it makes sense to completely clear out these areas. Placing everything you’ve been keeping in your cupboards, under the stairs, in your loft and even your shed away in self-storage will allow you to show off all of the extra storage space your property has.

Just think… you will have already done half of the work

Using self-storage ahead of moving won’t just make your home appear more attractive to potential buyers. Storing a lot of your belongings sooner rather than later will also simplify the moving process once your property does sell. You won’t have to arrange for the entire contents of your home to be removed in one go, or scramble around last minute for a suitable storage space. Keep all of your belongings safe and secure for as long as you need to at Manchester’s Storage World.

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