4 start-ups that can easily be run from storage units

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If you’re a start-up or fledgeling business in the Manchester area, chances are you’re despairing at the astronomical price of space in and around the city. It’s vital that you keep your costs low but still have the infrastructure in place to run your business effectively. Self-storage units in Manchester may well be the answer to your entrepreneurial prayers. Here are four start-ups that can easily be run from storage units (and there are loads more!)…

Content writer

If you provide content for your clients, you’ll need a haven of peace and tranquillity to get those creative juices flowing and tame that ineffable muse. A self-storage unit is the perfect location. Secluded and quiet, you can set up your laptop and run your content producing empire from the solitude of a makeshift office in the heart of Manchester.

But if you’re thinking you’ll be working in a windowless, airless, cheerless bunker, think again. Our more modern workspaces have everything you need to make your business a reality.

eCommerce business

Whether you’re selling on Amazon, eBay, Etsy or your own website, if you run an eCommerce business you’re going to need space. Unless you’re happy to have your house rammed with stock, leaving you no room to relax or forget about work for a second, a self-storage unit is the only sane way to go.

With the correct setup you can easily use your storage unit to list, photograph, store, and even ship your items.

Video producer

A well-constructed storage unit can easily be transformed into a studio and used for shooting videos. A large enough unit can also house your desk and all your computer needs so footage can be edited and distributed directly from your unit.

Vintage furniture business

Storing your lovingly restored furniture in a damp garage or leaky shed is far from ideal. What better way to manage your vintage furniture business than to store them in a self-storage unit. Central locations make delivery and collection of items from local areas far more convenient. You can even set up a little photo studio area to capture your prized works of art on film and entice more buyers.

Are you an entrepreneur or fledgeling business owner looking for a base for your start-up? Get in touch with us at Storage World, we’d be delighted to give your business a home…

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