5 sentimental items you should never throw away

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We live hectic lives and it’s common, therefore, to try and keep ‘hecticness’ out of the home. Spring cleaning and de-cluttering give you the opportunity to get rid of old, unused or unwanted items to allow for a clearer living space. However, no matter how minimalist you aim to be, there are some items you should simply never throw away. Take a look…

1. Cards and letters

Paper communications are rare these days, especially when it comes to handwritten letters. While they may seem simple or trivial now, they’re bound to have sentimental value later on. Looking back on old letters and cards can bring back memories and become treasured possessions.

2. Childhood toys

As you grow up you will feel less and less need for old toys and games. But you may find that your favourite toys hold too much love to throw away. Keeping your childhood favourite is no bad thing, and by keeping them you could even pass them down when the time comes.

3. Photographs

Keeping photographs of your most precious memories may be a no-brainer, but you should consider keeping hold of all pictures. Photos that you may find embarrassing or cringe-worthy now will actually provide the fondest, funniest memories when you get older, and you’ll be glad you kept them.

4. Sentimental clothing

Sometimes, the simplest of clothing items can tell your life story, and throwing them away can be hard. Items including your first pair of shoes, your school jumper or your wedding dress can all hold so much meaning. Or perhaps you have your child’s Christening gown or first school shirt. You should keep hold of anything that brings you happiness.

5. School work

Over the years your children will bring home plenty of artwork, textbooks and reports from school. Looking back on these will give you, and them, great joy over the years, and should be kept safe.

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