7 ways self-storage can enhance your business

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Many businesses in Manchester and the surrounding areas are taking advantage of our high-quality storage spaces to enhance their business. Self-storage is an excellent solution to a lot of business problems, especially for small startups and growing companies. You may not have considered the benefits of including self-storage in your business plan, or you may be looking for the perfect site for your self-storage needs.

Self-storage can enhance your business in many ways, and it’s useful to consider all of them before deciding on what you need. Here are seven ways self-storage can enhance your business.

1. Distribution facility

Self-storage is the perfect solution for small businesses in need of a distribution facility, providing ample room to store your products.

2. Archiving

If you’re looking for an archiving solution, a storage unit can act as an excellent self-managed document storing facility, enabling you to archive all your documentation in a safe and secure environment that’s easily accessible.

3. Pallet storage

If you require pallets for your business, they can be difficult to store safely. A storage unit provides an easy solution, especially if you also make use of a forklift.

4. Refurbishing and moving offices

If you’re moving, upsizing, or downsizing your office, a storage unit provides the perfect place to store your office furniture, equipment, and supplies while renovation is happening, or the move is being finalised. Simply move everything out while you redecorate, or wait for the perfect new office to become available.

5. Professional equipment and tools

Many businesses require professional equipment and tools, which are both cumbersome and valuable. It’s often difficult to store such items in your office, and there may be things that are required seasonally or infrequently that do not need to be stored on site. Self-storage is the perfect solution.

6. Security

With secure storage units, CCTV and excellent safety and security protocols, our storage units are not only a safe, secure place to store your valuables, they are an excellent place to work out of if you’re shipping items.

7. Peace, quiet and isolation

A storage unit can actually be used as a fully fledged office, complete with electricity, WiFi, and all the essentials. If your work demands peace, quiet and isolation, a storage unit is perfect.

Are you looking for a self-storage unit in Manchester? Look no further! We have a wide range of options to suit your every need. Get in touch, we’re happy to discuss your requirements and recommend the most effective solution for your business needs.

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