About Self Storage

What is self storage?

Self storage is a way to have extra space to store your belongings. It means you can keep your things locked up securely, out of your way until you need them.   Here’s our quick guide.

What it looks like

  • Self-storage units come in a range of sizes, from a large cupboard up to a room the size of tennis court.
  • You secure your unit with your own padlock and only you have access.
  • A self-storage building should be clean, dry and brightly lit.
  • Most stores have digital access either using a fob or passcode system to enter the building, adding an extra level of security.
  • They will provide trolleys and lifts for you to get your belongings in and out easily.

Why use self storage – here are some of the reasons you might need self-storage:

  • You have a hobby with lots of equipment or bulky sports kit and nowhere to put it.
  • You’re selling your house so you want to minimise clutter to show your home at its best.
  • You want to reclaim your spare room instead of it being a storage place for things you only need occasionally – luggage, Z-beds, Christmas decorations etc
  • You have no room in your garage because it’s packed with decorating & DIY equipment or your garden paraphernalia during the winter
  • You run have a business and need somewhere as a stockroom

Renting a local storage unit keeps all these things of the way but still accessible.

How it works

Renting a self-storage unit is straightforward and can be done over the phone.

Find a self-storage company fairly local to you – you want somewhere you can easily get to.

Look for one that is a member of the UK Self Storage Association, so that you know they have high standards.

Call to get to get assistance, understand the costs involved and reserve a unit. It is expected that you won’t know how the process works and that you will be unsure how much space you need, most companies will help you work it out. There are often discounts offered for first time move in. These can be worthwhile but always look at the price you’ll pay after the promotion has ended.

You’ll need to take insurance for your belongings. The company should be able to offer this. They cannot assume what people are storing to provide the right cover. Insurance is based on the new for old replacement value of the items you store. As you might change the items you store, its worth checking with the store to ensure you have the appropriate levels of cover at all times.

Provide your ID and a deposit, this can be done easily over the phone and email.

Move in your things! If you don’t have transport, some storage companies will recommend a local ‘man and a van’ to hire. Or if you prefer they often have relationships with local van hire companies that yield a discount.

Once you have your unit, you can visit to pick things up or drop other items during opening hours. Most stores are open 7-days and if your needs dictate, out of hours access can often be arranged.

If you need more or less space, you can usually move units very easily. If you no longer need the space, you can give notice – usually two weeks to a month.