Self Storage Association

All Storage World­ facilities are members of the UK Self Storage Association (SSA UK), the self storage industry’s trade association.

They help provide a framework which allows us to provide outstanding customer service.

The Self Storage Association encourages high standards for self storage and sets best practise within the industry. It supports its members and helps to raise awareness of the benefits of self storage. They arrange an annual conference and also periodic member’s meetings where we all get together and share ideas and information about self storage provision.

Storage World­ is an Operating Member of the Self Storage Association. In order to gain membership we had to meet their high standards which include contracts for customers, strict safety requirements, high quality building security and of course contents insurance to keep our clients’ possessions safe. Because we are an Operating Member of the Self Storage Association, you can rest assured that are held to very high standards in these services.

Being a member of the Self Storage Association affords us certain benefits that also help our clients. We have access to developments within the Border Agency,and have links with the police in case of incidents involving anti-terrorist or anti-criminal situations. We are also licensed to store goods with incorporated Terms and Conditions and we can attend the latest training courses for people working in self storage. We also receive guidance from the Self Storage Association about insurance post de-regulation.

All of this means that you can be 100% sure that we take the storage of your possessions very seriously, and being an Operating Member of the United Kingdom Self Storage Association helps us to provide you with the very best service.

Space Guide

Our handy size guide below helps you visualise some of our small to medium units.

25 square foot storage container
25 sq ft

Similar in size to a Garden Shed A large car or small vans worth of stuff Up to 60 archive or medium boxes. Find out more here

35 square foot storage container
35 sq ft

The contents of a one bedroomed flat A typical vans worth of stuff Up to 100 archive or medium boxes

50 square foot storage container
50 sq ft

The contents of a 1-2 bedroom flat Half a typical garage in size Up to 125 archive or medium boxes

75 square foot storage container
75 sq ft

The contents of a 1-2 bedroom house Two full van loads of stuff Up to 175 archive or medium boxes

100 square foot storage container
100 sq ft

The contents of a 2 bedroom house Three full van loads of stuff Up to 225 archive or medium boxes

150 square foot storage container
150 sq ft

The contents of a 4 bedroom house Five full van loads of stuff Up to 350 archive or medium boxes

200 square foot storage container
200 sq ft

The contents of a 5 bedroom house Seven or eight full van loads of stuff Almost 500 achieve or medium boxes