Mission Statement

Our mission here at Storage World­ is to provide our customers with flexible, clean and cost effective storage solutions for whatever their needs may be.

We expect to help you to fulfil your requirements for storage or business space. We want Storage World to be a place you feel comfortable and confident in.

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, and feel very strongly that this should be the rule for every single customer, rather than a surprising exception for one or two. Our staff will do everything they can to ensure you are always 100% happy with our service. We take customer feedback very seriously and want to hear your opinion.

You want to feel happy storing your possessions with us, and we want you to leave knowing your things are safe, secure, clean, dry and well looked after -and that you can access them any time you need to.

We have 24-hour CCTV and also security on 24-hour call out, as well as smoke detectors, fire alarms and comprehensive contents insurance just in case. Our perimeter fencing also allows that added layer of security that you would not get if your possessions were stored in a friend’s garage. You can be confident that you will find your stored items exactly as you left them in your storage unit in Manchester.

Here at Storage World­ we’re all about what our customer needs. You only pay for the storage or office space you need, and you can access your space whenever you need to.

Space Guide

Our handy size guide below helps you visualise some of our small to medium units.

25 square foot storage container
25 sq ft

Similar in size to a Garden Shed A large car or small vans worth of stuff Up to 60 archive or medium boxes. Find out more here

35 square foot storage container
35 sq ft

The contents of a one bedroomed flat A typical vans worth of stuff Up to 100 archive or medium boxes

50 square foot storage container
50 sq ft

The contents of a 1-2 bedroom flat Half a typical garage in size Up to 125 archive or medium boxes

75 square foot storage container
75 sq ft

The contents of a 1-2 bedroom house Two full van loads of stuff Up to 175 archive or medium boxes

100 square foot storage container
100 sq ft

The contents of a 2 bedroom house Three full van loads of stuff Up to 225 archive or medium boxes

150 square foot storage container
150 sq ft

The contents of a 4 bedroom house Five full van loads of stuff Up to 350 archive or medium boxes

200 square foot storage container
200 sq ft

The contents of a 5 bedroom house Seven or eight full van loads of stuff Almost 500 achieve or medium boxes