Safety & Security

State of the art security equipment, carefully planned security procedures, and unit-wide safety precautions.

When you store your possessions with Storage World­, you don’t just benefit from our security experience. We liaise with various groups, organisations, and professionals to help ensure that we have developed some of the most secure and robust units. You can be assured that your possessions will be there when you get back, that they will be in as good a condition as when they were left, and that you can visit without having to worry about your own personal safety and security.

We have consulted and liaised with:

  • Third party providers (CCTV installers etc.)
  • The Self Storage Association
  • Emergency services and authorities
  • Professional, experienced security consultants

Ensuring the safety and security of your items is extremely important to us. We want you to be sure that your items will not be damaged or go missing during their stay. To help achieve this, all visitors to our units must be registered.They must provide photographic ID, proof of address, and bank details. This means that we can be sure we are only allowing appropriate visitors on site,and it means that all of our site visitors have undergone the same rigorous checks as you did.

The safety of your possessions is only half the story, however. Storage units and warehouses naturally contain a lot of items, and there can be a lot of people in the unit. We abide by some of the most stringent health and safety codes of practice so, when you visit, you will be as safe as your possessions are.

Some of the security features that we provide include:

  • Internal and external CCTV
  • Registered access only
  • Systems that automatically detect intruders, smoke, and fire
  • Secure perimeter fencing
  • Highly trained staff

We take the safety and security of your items as seriously as you do.