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We’ve all been there. You’re perfectly happy in your house or apartment, but you start to find the number of possessions that you own spiralling out of control. What do you do?
A spring clean is always a good place to start, getting rid of old clothes, books and other items that you’ll never want to use again. Maybe you’ll give things away to friends, take them to charity shops or even sell them to try and recoup some of the original costs. But what about those things that you don’t want to get rid of, and you still need the space for?

“It’s easy”, you then think. “I’ll move house! I’ll find somewhere with an extra bedroom, meaning that I’ve got space for all of my belongings without my home looking like something from one of those TV programmes about hoarders.” A simple solution, you may think, until you realise that you’ll be paying a minimum of £150 extra per month for a spare bedroom in Manchester city centre. “Is it really worth the expense?” you think. “Surely there must be a cheaper way of making more space!”

£150 or more on top of your existing rental payments is a lot of money each month – particularly if the extra bedroom will only be used for storage and nothing else. Instead of the hassle and expense of moving, many people may find it easier to consider using a self storage unit for their belongings that they want to keep, but don’t need on a day to day basis.

A self storage unit has several benefits, not least the cost. You’ll be able to find a nearby self storage room for around half the amount you’d pay for an extra bedroom – a saving of £900 or more per year. Renting one of these units is also likely to be more secure than a second bedroom in your own home, giving you peace of mind too.

You’ll be able to access your belongings as and when you want to, and if you decide you want to take them home, you’re not tied into a long rental agreement as you are with a flat. What’s not to love?

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