Baby on the way? 3 ways a self storage unit could take the strain off

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There’s a baby on the way, and while you’re thinking about all of the extra clothes, furniture and baby items you will need to buy, you aren’t sure where you’re going to fit them all in your home. Moving isn’t an option; you love the house and living in the East Manchester area, as well as how close you are to City Centre, but the spare room is full of furniture that you don’t want to get rid of. What do you do? We have the solution. Here’s how using a self storage unit could take the strain off you and your family.

1. Storing is less stressful than moving

Preparing for the new arrival is stressful enough, without adding moving house into the mix. What if you couldn’t find a property you liked in East Manchester in time? You wouldn’t want to rush the process to find that once you’ve moved in and had the baby, there are several problems with the new house. Renting a self storage unit could really take the pressure off. Simply declutter and store anything you don’t need but want to keep in the storage unit, rather than leaving the home you love.

2. Frees up room in your home

You have a spare room which would be perfect for the baby, yet at the moment it’s full of old gym equipment, a guest bed, spare furniture and boxes of things you haven’t looked at in a while. You don’t want to throw any of it away, but you really don’t have anywhere else in your home to keep them. Why not use a self storage space? With units up to the size of half a tennis court available, there will be ample room to store all of your spare furniture and belongings.

3. Gives you somewhere to store your baby items

Everyone knows how fast babies grow; before you know it, they’ve outgrown their clothes, they need a bigger cot, and there’s stacks of toys that they’re too old to play with anymore. Instead of letting masses of baby items build up around your home, store them all away in a self storage unit to make room for the items your baby needs. This means you have somewhere to keep everything for when baby number two comes along, without having to buy brand new again.


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