Before you buy another shed for your home business, read this

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There are many wonderful things about being your own boss – your commute is rarely longer than the journey from sofa to home office, you’re not at the mercy of a bad-tempered boss, and the coffee is not only better, it’s cheaper. Additionally, you can set your own working hours; night owls and larks can both take advantage of time differences to build client relationship overseas, and if you need an hour off in the afternoon to do the weekly shop, no one is going to be breathing down your neck.

There are, however, disadvantages, and they pretty much all boil down to one thing – paperwork. Not only are there several documents you are obliged to keep for compliance purposes, your accountant will also demand a paper trail of orders, invoices and receipts when preparing your tax return. If you’ve been in business for a few years, your office space has probably taken over the spare room, and possibly even the garden shed, and it’s only going to get worse.

You’ve probably thought about self-storage solutions before, but wondered about the security aspect of document archiving offsite. Worse still, the cost may seem prohibitive; city centre office space in Manchester would eat into your profits, and the trade-off between being affordable and spacious enough to cope with your paperwork would almost certainly make renting enough square footage for your needs a deal-breaker.

A self-storage unit is a far cheaper option; not only do you have 24 hour security provided by CCTV cameras, you can access your material at any time you need, and can develop a document archiving system that suits your requirements, either increasing your storage space as required, or safely discarding papers that you no longer need to keep. You may also find that it helps you to become more organised, enabling a proper racked filing system by date, and saving you valuable time when you need to find one crucial piece of paper.

Before you hit the garden centre and buy another shed to store your paperwork, come and see what Storage World­ have to offer you instead.

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