Beware of the dangers of crowd sourcing your storage

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A new generation of Uber-like storage companies are appearing in the UK, with people offering their attics, garages, cupboards and other spare areas for people to keep their stuff in, at low costs for short periods of time. While this mobile app-based casual approach may be a good idea for some – allowing them to trade space for cash, it can have some serious risks for people using it.

High risk and inconvenience

At the very least there is the inconvenience factor, these people are unlikely to be offering 24-hour access to their homes or storage spaces. So, if you suddenly decide you need your golf clubs at lunch, or your treasured possessions on a fine Sunday afternoon, you are likely to be out of luck.

Then there is the risk that these people, or other members of their family might take a peek, and decide they can use or misuse your items. They are also very unlikely to be covered under property insurance if there is a fire, flood or other disaster.

Choose the traditional approach

These risks makes our traditional service a safer bet. With all types of self storage units in the Greater Manchester area, we cater for individuals, businesses and startups. We offer lockers, rooms and workshops, all in a protected and secure environment with CCTV. Whether you are moving home or having a clear out, our professional storage solution can cater for all you needs and prevent you from lugging heavy items into someone’s tiny attic cubby hole.

As for businesses who are growing or moving, our security means your documents, technology, important equipment and other items will remain secure and accessible, providing peace of mind as your plan your next expansion. Whatever your self-storage or office needs, get in touch to find out how we can work with your business to help manage your storage.

This development in the sharing economy, where people give up their space to store other people’s items may be perfect for some and useful for others. However, here at Storage World we believe the risk is too great and ultimately, we don’t think you can beat our professional storage solutions for overall service and convenience.

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