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Fishing gear: is self-storage right for you?

A great hobby for those seeking more time outdoors, fishing has been popular for centuries, but there’s no denying that for serious hobbyists, fishing equipment can be very expensive. For these experienced anglers, making sure their fishing rods and tackle is protected from damage and theft when not in use is vital.

Whether you only bring out the rods every now and then for a bit of relaxation or head out to your nearest water source every weekend, make sure your fishing equipment is stored in a safe, secure space whenever you aren’t using it. 

Aren’t sure how to store fishing tackle? Follow our helpful guide to the best fishing rod and tackle storage and keep your gear safe.

How to store fishing tackle

When it comes to finding suitable fishing equipment storage, there are three main elements to keep in mind: convenience, quality and safety. Ensuring the security of expensive equipment is a factor every smart angler considers when searching for a storage space but, as any person who’s come to find holes chewed through their netting right before a trip knows, a ‘safe’ storage space doesn’t just need to provide protection from would-be thieves but other dangers too. 

Test your current fishing tackle storage space for convenience, quality and safety by asking yourself the following five questions. If the answer is no for any of them, try adapting your storage space or finding a new one.

Do you store your gear together in one place?

A measure to take for convenience more than safety, keeping your fishing gear stored together in one place makes planning for fishing trips significantly faster and easier. This is especially true if you’ve been a keen angler for a number of years as, as you’ll be aware, fishing equipment has a habit of growing and growing until you aren’t sure where all the rods, nets, bags and bait came from. If all of this equipment is spread throughout the house, not only is gathering the gear you need for a fishing trip more difficult than it needs to be, but it also risks losing some of your equipment if you leave it in an obscure place. So, for speedy and convenient packing, all your fishing gear should be stored together.

A notable exception to this rule is the storage of bait. Fortunately, since bait is significantly less likely to be stolen if left outside, it can be safely stored in an airtight container in a shed or garage.

Is your fishing equipment storage space mouse-proof? 

Much to the annoyance and expense of anglers, mice will quite happily chew through anything, regardless of how expensive that item may be to repair or replace. While mice are unlikely to target larger items such as rods, nets and bags are definitely at risk of being chewed through, especially if stored near bait. Our advice for fishing tackle storage is to keep anything that will attract mice safely stored away within a plastic box or container, preferably away from your expensive gear if possible. This means all non-freezer bait, including shelf-life boilies and pellets, won’t be scented by mice who will happily investigate by chewing holes through your gear.

Is your fishing tackle storage space completely secure?

As upsetting as it may be, the sad fact is that anything worth money is at risk of being stolen and, considering the average angler could have a collection of fishing tackle worth a few hundred pounds, if not more, this is something you should definitely think about. Sheds and garages are often seen as easy targets by burglars so you should never store your tackle there, behind the locked door of a home or specialised storage unit is much safer. 

Have you invested in efficient fishing tackle storage solutions?

An excellent way to ensure both the continued quality of your fishing gear and the convenience with which you can access it, investing in efficient fishing tackle storage solutions is well worth a little time and money. Things like small plastic containers with dividers are perfect for keeping your hooks and lures organised for trips while larger fishing cabinets can be bought that provide storage space for reels and dedicated stands for fishing rods. 

These fishing tackle storage containers and furniture pieces make grabbing gear the work of a moment, limiting the time it takes to plan for trips. Additionally, these systems also protect the quality of your fishing rods and tackle while in storage, saving them from becoming entangled, getting scratched or scraped and protecting them from any other minor damages that could occur if stored poorly.

Does your fishing equipment storage space provide weather protection?

While fishing gear is certainly designed to withstand the elements, this durability is best left untested when in storage. Not meant to be subject to damp, excessive cold or other poor conditions 24/7, you can extend the life of your fishing gear by keeping it in a dry, mild environment that discourages the rusting of metal equipment. 

The potential damage that can be caused by using fishing equipment storage that is open to the elements such as an old garage or garden shed is easily avoided by utilising a self-storage unit. Guaranteed to be sealed to the elements, creating a temperature regulated environment that wards off damp, self-storage units are perfect for housing expensive fishing equipment. On top of this, good quality units in certain facilities offer security from theft and from hungry little mice, making it the safest choice all round. 

Use self-storage solutions for your expensive fishing gear

Ensure the safety and security of your expensive fishing equipment by making the most of a self-storage unit from Storage World. With security cameras guarding units from theft, as well as convenient access available so you can always collect your fishing rods and tackle before a trip, storage for fishing equipment is made simple and easy with a self-storage unit. Please also note that, while certain fishing bait such as shelf life boilies and pellets can be stored in a self-storage unit, live bait is prohibited.

Contact our friendly staff today through our enquiry page or call us on 0800 310 0450 and we’ll help judge the size unit you’ll need to keep your fishing gear safe and secure in between trips.


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