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How much is self storage?

Many people are put off the idea of self storage due to the extra cost it incurs. After all, a garage, shed or friend’s spare room is free. But is it more cost-effective in the long run?

Self storage units offer a safe, secure and convenient solution when you just don’t have enough space for all of your belongings. Whether you’re moving house, travelling the world or just need a clear out but don’t want to part with sentimental items, you can rest assured that your belongings aren’t going to get damaged, stolen or cause tension between a friend or family member. 

In this post, we delve into the cost of self storage, how you can save and explain why self storage may be the most cost effective solution in the long term.

Average cost of self storage

The cost of self storage ultimately depends on the size of your unit. Storage units range greatly in size, small lockers, large warehouse spaces and everything in between are on offer at many of the best facilities. According to SSA UK, the average cost of storage rental is £22.82 per square foot per annum. 

In addition to unit size, there are a few things to take into consideration when calculating the cost of a storage unit:

  • Location – how much will you have to spend on travelling to and from your storage unit? How easy is it to get to?
  • Standard – are the units clean, dry and protected from the elements? Ruined belongings will only leave you out of pocket, so it’s important to invest in a storage facility that maintains high standards of cleanliness and protection
  • Security – how secure is your storage unit? Does the facility have measures such as CCTV, alarms and security staff on site?
  • Ease of access – does the storage facility offer flexibility and ease of access? Will you need to enter your storage unit outside of standard business hours? If so, then you’ll need to pick somewhere that offers 24 hour access, plus any other amenities you require such as drive-up access and on site parking

These are all things to consider when budgeting for a storage unit. Whilst a storage facility may offer lower prices, you could end up spending more than planned should you need to spend money on travel, or end up having to replace items that have gotten damaged or stolen whilst in storage. It may seem like a good idea to opt for a cheaper unit whilst sacrificing the features you need, but ultimately your storage unit needs to work for you and your lifestyle.

How much is self storage insurance?

Many people forget to factor insurance when calculating the cost of using self storage. Whilst it may be tempting to skip insurance all together, it’s a worthwhile investment that will give you some peace of mind if you’re worried about your belongings being out of sight. Most self storage companies will be able to offer insurance, and many won’t allow you to store your belongings there without it. 

The cover you need will depend on the value of the items you are storing, so it’s important to be transparent with your provider about the type of items you will be storing with them. Insurance cost is based on the value required to replace the item in question. The cost will depend on your provider, and it’s a good idea to compare prices before committing. The level of cover offered may depend on the premium you pay – at Storage World, we provide each customer with a bespoke insurance quote.

How much is self storage a month?

Self storage is usually charged on a weekly basis. Once you’ve decided what size and type of unit you need, you can work out the monthly cost. Storage World offers the following options:

Personal storage:

Small units and lockers: from £10/week

Garden shed sized units: from £15-£20/week

Garage sized units: from £25-£40/week

Business solutions:

Business storage: from £25/week

Office rentals: from £55/week

Vehicle parking: £25/week

To work out how much self storage costs, we must take the unit rental price and insurance into account, plus any additional expenses such as packaging. So for example, if you opted for a small storage unit, you will pay as little as £10 per week, making your monthly cost £40 per month, plus insurance and then a one off purchase for any packaging you require. If your items are of low value then insurance will not substantially increase your monthly bill, making self storage a very affordable option. 

Money saving tips 

You may be wondering how to work out which sized unit is right for you. The staff at your chosen storage facility should be able to help you with this, but it’s handy to know a few money saving tips and tricks. The easiest way to save money on storage is by stacking boxes high on top of each other, so you’re taking up space vertically rather than horizontally, meaning you can opt for a smaller (and cheaper) storage unit. 

Using the right type of packaging not only saves space but also better protects your items from damage. We recommend triple walled cardboard boxes and strong packing tape, plus bubble wrap for any breakables. The Box Shop at Storage World offers all of the packing materials you need on-site, with high-quality boxes beginning at £3 each but we usually offer discounts on multiple purchases. You can re-use our sturdy storage boxes again and again so they offer great value for money.

Cheap self storage at Storage World

If you’re looking for an affordable self storage solution in the Greater Manchester area, look no further than Storage World. On top of competitive prices, we also offer a Price Match Guarantee, meaning we’ll match any quote given by another supplier as long as a few simple terms are met. 

Your weekly rental fee also grants you access to our kitchen facilities, WiFi, parking, on-site toilets, on-site box shop, plus a state-of-the-art security system. Get in touch to speak to a member of our team to see how we can help you or to receive a quote. 


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Clean, safe and secure storage solution at an affordable price, highly recommend this place, very close to the heart of manchester, easy access in and out. Big thanks to Tricia and her team for sorting out my storage needs, very knowledgeable, professional and more importantly friendly.
Highly recommended.

Marcus Wong

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Quick and easy to reserve and simple sign up process when I arrived. I had under estimated my load size and needed more space which the guys on site quickly arranged for me. Very helpful and friendly staff. A recommended company

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Fantastic experience. Needed storage quickly and the staff were on hand to help get everything sorted as fast as possible – was in the same day. They even helped to make sure I got the right size unit so I didn’t over pay – they could have sold me a far bigger one but wanted to make sure I got the best deal and was happy – that doesn’t happen very often! Well Done!

Ed Green-Moore

Extremely Helpful Staff

Extremely helpful staff, talked me through everything, gave me a tour of the facility, the sign up process was very straight forward, and most important excellent value for money.

John O'neill

Trolleys and Good Lighting

Great storage with lots of trolleys and good lighting. Lots of parking bays so it is easy to park close to the storage unit entrance. A friendly and helpful team (Anthony and Nick) that get back to you quickly by email or phone.

Tanya Grenade

100% Recommended

100% recommend Storage World. The storage lockers are well priced, secure and very clean. The facility is well set up to make loading and unloading very straight forward. Jeni on the desk was so increddibly helpful and went out of her way to make sure we were well set up and happy. Thanks very much to all at Storage World and particularly Jeni!

Tom Daubney

Business Self Storage

Can’t praise the guys enough, Tricia initially found me a unit over year ago and patiently kept me up to date on availability as I was unable to move my business as quickly as I’d hoped. All the staff are friendly and helpful. A safe and clean place to work.

Joanne Beswick