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How to make the most of spring cleaning

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the season of renewal and new beginnings with that age old tradition – spring cleaning. This year especially, with the vast majority of our time being spent within our homes, the tradition feels particularly important.

In that spirit, we’ve put together a list of our top spring cleaning tips to help you make the most of spring cleaning season, so break out your bleach, brushes and bin bags because it’s time to create the perfect spring cleaning plan for 2021.

What is spring cleaning?

Firstly, let’s get the basics out of the way because, for those among us that are new home-owners, renters or are fully committing to the ‘new year, new me’ philosophy, this may well be the first time spring cleaning has been on your to-do list. Spring cleaning is an annual event during which households take the time after the stuffiness of winter to open up the windows and doors to let some fresh air in, organise and declutter every room and deep clean every nook and cranny in the house. It can be a tiring ordeal, depending on how thorough you are, but is definitely worth the effort.

You might also be wondering when to start spring cleaning? Well, while spring 2021 officially starts on Saturday 20th March, and will last until Monday 21st June, we recommend using an off day or two during April or May to get cleaning. This is usually when the springtime air is at its mildest and, if you time your cleaning around the classic April showers, you might even be able to catch the sunshine.

Spring cleaning tips

  • Deep cleaning – Not only does this make a space feel cleaner, providing mood boosting endorphins, but moving furniture, emptying cupboards and deep cleaning those hard to reach spots actually has proven health benefits. In a study performed by the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunity in 2014, it was discovered that regularly removing dust and damp from your home can help you avoid common allergy symptoms, allowing you to breathe easier all year round.
  • Reduce stress – While many would consider spring cleaning nothing more than a chore, cleaning itself is actually a stress relieving activity that can boost your mental wellness. Between the physical activity of moving around, the mindlessness of cleaning that allows your brain a moment of relaxation and the endorphin boosting feeling of productivity, spring cleaning is the perfect way to de-stress yourself and boost your energy levels. It also doesn’t hurt to listen to some music or even a favourite podcast while you work – make it more enjoyable!
  • Kitchen and bathroom – The rooms that are cleaned most often in our home may not sit high on your spring cleaning to-do list but, while they may not need the same reorganising overhaul as other rooms, there are still a few things you don’t want to overlook. Go through the fridge, cupboards and medicine cabinets and organise your items, being sure to throw away things that have passed their expiry date. It may also be worth making a list as you go of things that will need replaced, such as plasters and other first aid items. Not only is this hygienic, but it also means you know exactly what inventory you have for emergencies, saving you a trip to the pharmacist when you’re feeling unwell.
  • Prioritise – If you don’t have time to do a total spring clean of your home, make sure you prioritise cleaning the rooms in your home that you spend the most time in. For most people, this would be the bedroom, living room and, if you’ve become a home worker in the wake of the pandemic, whichever room you’ve based your home office in. Because of the increased amount of time we spend in these rooms, prioritising them should also give access to the most benefits of spring cleaning, including better sleep, lower stress levels and increased productivity.
  • Declutter and reorganise – The biggest enemy in spring cleaning, tackling the clutter that has built up over the year should be high on everyone’s spring cleaning checklist. The best piece of advice we can offer for this is to dive right in. In the bedroom, pull out all your clothes, throw away tattered clothes, donate ones you no longer like and pack away sentimental clothes you never wear but want to keep. Do the same in other rooms of the house – we all have that drawer full of miscellaneous junk, wouldn’t you rather use it for useful things?
  • Keep it clean – Mustering the energy to partake in spring cleaning may be difficult but actually keeping it that way? Impossible, or is it? Instead of accepting the return of mess as an inevitability, future proof your cleaning by turning short-term fixes into long-term solutions. All you need to do is pack away your less used possessions during the ‘decluttering’ phase of spring cleaning into boxes, labelling as you go for convenience, and hire a cheap, convenient self storage unit to keep them in. This will allow you to enjoy your clean, organised space for much longer, without having to throw away your treasured-yet-unused possessions.

Make the most of spring cleaning with Storage World

If you live within or around the Manchester area, access our convenient and safe self storage units to help make sure your freshly cleaned home stays that way for longer. Simply visit our Personal Storage page to find out more, or contact us directly on 08003100450 and our friendly staff will answer any questions you have.


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