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How to store and organise ski and snowboard equipment

Ski and snowboard season is upon us and whether you’re jetting off to a ski resort abroad, or you’re taking a staycation to an indoor dome near you, knowing how to safely store your equipment once you’ve left the slopes is important. 

Storing your ski and snowboard equipment and clothing properly when not in use means that they will last you far longer, remain strong and ensure your performance isn’t compromised. However, we understand that keeping such large items neatly and safely tidied in your home can be difficult, and your ski equipment usually ends up shoved in a loft, the shed or crumpled up in a cupboard. This can ruin your equipment, making it subject to adverse weather, moisture damage or simply wear and tear due to careless storing. In fact, even long-term storage in changing, warm or cold temperatures can have a lasting impact on your equipment. 

At Storage World, we’ve got the perfect solution, and that is to hire a storage unit for the months that your ski and snowboard equipment stays firmly locked away. But how best can you store this equipment to ensure it is protected and ready to go for the next season? 


Skis needs to be stored somewhere that isn’t cool or damp, but equally cannot be stored somewhere that is too hot or in direct sunlight. This is because the bases of the skis can easily become dried out when stored for a lengthy period of time, or equally become waterlogged or cracked if stored somewhere damp. Somewhere that is dry at all times is best, preferably raised off the floor. At Storage World, you can install racks, shelves or pin-boards to hang your skis and ski bag, and we always have our units at optimum room temperature to ensure your belongings are kept safe. A top tip, ensure you wax your skis thoroughly with a specialist storage wax during the months that they will not be used. This ensures they have an extra protective layer, just in case. In short, store your skis off the ground, lengthways and somewhere warm and dry. 


Before storing, inspect your snowboard thoroughly to ensure there are no signs of damage already, the last thing you need is to pick up your board the day that you need it and discover it’s unusable. Repairing chips to your board is important for both aesthetic and performance reasons. Deep chips that reach the core of the board can cause moisture to penetrate the layers of your board – rendering it unusable. So, be sure to repair any chips no matter how big or small before storing. 

Then, remove its bindings. Keeping the bindings on your snowboard during long periods of storage can cause the board to warp due to the weight. Ensure that you store the bindings and screws safely for when you next need them, perhaps in a storage bag hung closeby to your snowboard. Tune and wax your board before storing, as this again can give it a protective layer to prevent cracks and damage. Much like skis, we would advise that you hang your snowboard(s) up off the ground of your storage unit to ensure they are safe from being trodden on when you enter your unit. A snowboard should be stored on a soft surface, so installing padded racks or some foam to your unit is recommended. When storing on a hard surface, the camber of the snowboard can be lost, meaning the natural curve is straightened which will change your entire stance on your board and inhibit your performance on the slopes. 


After a season spent in your ski and snowboard outerwear, your ski coats and pants are likely to be a little grubby. Be sure to give them a thorough clean before you put it in storage, as this will ensure no dirt becomes clogged in the fibres, which can compromise the weather-proof fabric. Use a mild detergent, gently tumble dry for a short amount of time to restore waterproofing and go over with a waterproofing treatment to ensure your garments are fully sealed. Then, to store, ski and snowboard clothing should be kept somewhere cool and dry, and out of sunlight. Exposing the clothes to sunlight can cause the materials to become less effective, as well as fade the colouring of the garments. To safely store your ski clothes in your unit, install some racks and hooks on the walls and neatly hang your equipment to ensure it is kept off of the ground to prevent dust formation. Our units are temperature controlled and housed internally, so there is less worry that your clothing will come into accidental damage. 


Your boots remaining in pristine condition is arguably the most important part of your skiing or snowboarding experience, as cold, wet feet do not make for an enjoyable day out on the slopes. Once the season is done, remove the lining of your boots, along with the insoles and hang these separately up from the floor. This prevents a smell building up when storing your ski boots for long periods of time and, as Storage World units are kept at room temperature, these will naturally air out over time. Be sure not to store your boots next to a radiator or a heater, as this can cause the materials to degrade or the boots to stretch and lose their shape. It is best to store your boots on a rack or shelf to keep them off the ground, which will prevent warping. 

What size storage unit do I need for ski and snowboard equipment?

The size of unit that you need to store your snowboard equipment all depends on how much equipment you have! However, usually our smallest storage unit size of 25 sq ft will suffice. To give you an idea of how much can be stored in this size unit, a large car or small vans worth of stuff can be comfortably held, or up to 60 medium-sized boxes. If you think that you may have more ski and snowboard equipment than this, or wish to store your equipment with family members or friends, then a bigger unit can easily be arranged too, and you’re free to upsize or downsize at any time as required at Storage World. Take a look at our storage unit size guide to help you decide which unit you require, or get in touch with one of our friendly team who will be more than happy to advise specifically to your needs, right down to each individual item! 

Why choose to store your snowboard and ski gear at Storage World? 

Storage World has three state-of-the-art facilities, serving the whole of the North West. Each facility features 24/7 security and CCTV to ensure your equipment is protected and you’re granted access to your storage unit whenever you need it. We understand that the need to store ski and snowboard equipment is very seasonal, and that’s why we don’t tie you into any long-term contracts. 

You’re able to book and move in to a unit almost immediately and move out of the unit whenever you need to, so long as you provide us with just two short weeks’ notice. This way, you only ever have to pay for the storage space that you use and only when you need to use it. We have facilities located in great areas, such as Manchester Airport City, which means you have easy access to your equipment right before you hop on your flight, or our central Manchester facility is perfect for picking your equipment up before heading to Manchester’s indoor ski and snowboard dome, Chill Factore, as it is just a short drive away. 

Want to know more about storing your ski and snowboard equipment in Manchester? Get in touch with us today for your best price guaranteed, no-obligation quote.


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Clean, safe and secure storage solution at an affordable price, highly recommend this place, very close to the heart of manchester, easy access in and out. Big thanks to Tricia and her team for sorting out my storage needs, very knowledgeable, professional and more importantly friendly.
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Extremely helpful staff, talked me through everything, gave me a tour of the facility, the sign up process was very straight forward, and most important excellent value for money.

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100% recommend Storage World. The storage lockers are well priced, secure and very clean. The facility is well set up to make loading and unloading very straight forward. Jeni on the desk was so increddibly helpful and went out of her way to make sure we were well set up and happy. Thanks very much to all at Storage World and particularly Jeni!

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Can’t praise the guys enough, Tricia initially found me a unit over year ago and patiently kept me up to date on availability as I was unable to move my business as quickly as I’d hoped. All the staff are friendly and helpful. A safe and clean place to work.

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