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How to store high-value items

Certain items are valuable to us in a monetary sense, others have sentimental value. It doesn’t matter for what reason your items are valuable to you, what does matter is having a safe place to store these items. We have over 20 years’ experience in offering safe and secure storage of people’s belongings and our stores have a number of different safety and security features which is why thousands of customers have trusted us to store some of their most valuable items.

Some high value items may require specialist storage, for example jewellery, money, deeds, stamps, antiques, fine art or fine wines. At Storage World, we care greatly about the safety of the items entrusted to our care and so we do not allow these items to be stored in your unit, and should you choose to, they will not be covered by your Storage World insurance policy.

High-value furniture

If you are storing high value furniture, then you should check out our comprehensive guide on how best to store it. Use specialist storage sheets, blankets and corner protectors to protect items from dust and damage and we recommend placing a sheet on the floor of your storage unit to protect items from the concrete floor.

Fragile high-value items

We strongly advise that you wrap up any fragile items before you put them into storage, as this will reduce the risk of damage whilst in store. For delicate high-value items such as glass, mirrors, china, or televisions, the transport or packing of items into storage can damage or destroy them unless they are properly packaged. To prevent this, use fit-for-purpose packing paper to wrap items and don’t pack too many things into one box. At Storage World we have all of the packaging materials required to protect your items, simply call into one of our stores to pick up the supplies that you need ahead of your move-in and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Storing high-value items long-term

If you plan on storing your high value items for a long period of time, which many of our customers do, then we advise that you schedule regular trips to check the condition of your items. While our units are robust and built to protect and preserve the things you are storing, with many measures in place to ensure this, some items may need to be moved or cleaned on a regular basis to maintain their condition. We recommend placing these high value items near the door of your storage unit so that you can check on them and clean them quickly and easily.

Storing high-value collectable items

At Storage World, some of our current customers storing high-value items include collectors of a range of items such as vinyl records, comic books, dolls and toys, and even a collector of old typewriters. Below are some tips on how best to store some of these items;

How to store vinyl records

For vinyl records, you need to start by cleaning them with a proper vinyl brush before putting them into their jackets. They should be stored in an upright position as they can become warped if stored on a slant. The same can happen if you stack them one on top of another, and this can also cause damage to the vinyl jacket. Finally make sure that you’re playing your records properly. When you go to pick up your record, try to avoid touching the surface – only handle the very edge! By touching the surface of the record, you are inadvertently transferring oils from your fingers to the vinyl, and over time, this can greatly affect the quality of the audio.

How to store comics and magazines

How you organise your comics and magazines is a matter of personal preference. Some options include by author, topic, type, publisher, and date. Whichever you decide, you can easily separate sections of your collection with labelled, plastic divider cards. In terms of how you store them, we recommend using archive storage boxes which can be provided by Storage World. We then advise you not to store the boxes too closely together, so that air can still circulate inside your storage unit to prevent any humidity which could in turn cause damage to the comics or magazines.

How to store high-value toys

Collectable dolls and toys should be kept out of natural and fluorescent light, as doing so can cause the colour of the toys to fade. LED lights are a much safer alternative, and this is the type of lighting that is provided in our storage units at all Storage World stores. You should also avoid letting dust collect on your dolls or toys, and so we advise regular cleaning of your unit to ensure longevity. Another piece of advice is to avoid exposing your items to extreme temperature variations. Our storage units are all housed internally within the main structure of the building and so the temperature is kept consistent, making our units a safe place to store dolls and toys.

Why choose to store your high-value items at Storage World? 

We provide safe storage units of all different sizes, depending on what it is that you are looking to store. The unit that you rent is your own personal storage space which will be secured with your own personal padlock, ensuring that only you can access it. Storage World can provide you with a high quality, secure padlock to ensure the protection of your items should you not have one of your own that you would like to use. Our storage units are also designed in such a way so that only you, and anyone else that you allow access to, is able to see what is in your unit. This provides additional privacy and security to your items, leaving you with the peace of mind that no one but those you wish to will know you’re storing something of great value.

To keep your valuable belongings extra safe, all of our stores are monitored by CCTV cameras at all times. This includes all external areas, access points and internal corridors, as well as monitoring and recording emergency exits. Outside of our usual reception hours, we continue to ensure the safety of your items by having an external security firm that monitors the CCTV system and responds to intruder alarms. All access points are fitted with intruder alarms should someone try to access the building without permission. 

We go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are happy with the service we provide and that their items are safe. Should you need a hand moving in, moving out, or simply need some advice during your time storing at Storage World, then a friendly member of our team of storage experts is always on-site to ensure you have everything you need. 

For more information or to get a free no obligation quote for the safe storage of your valuable belongings at a Storage World facility, contact one of our friendly storage advisors today.


Secure Storage Solutions

Clean, safe and secure storage solution at an affordable price, highly recommend this place, very close to the heart of manchester, easy access in and out. Big thanks to Tricia and her team for sorting out my storage needs, very knowledgeable, professional and more importantly friendly.
Highly recommended.

Marcus Wong

A Quick and Easy Process

Quick and easy to reserve and simple sign up process when I arrived. I had under estimated my load size and needed more space which the guys on site quickly arranged for me. Very helpful and friendly staff. A recommended company

Alex Jones

Same Day Move In

Fantastic experience. Needed storage quickly and the staff were on hand to help get everything sorted as fast as possible – was in the same day. They even helped to make sure I got the right size unit so I didn’t over pay – they could have sold me a far bigger one but wanted to make sure I got the best deal and was happy – that doesn’t happen very often! Well Done!

Ed Green-Moore

Extremely Helpful Staff

Extremely helpful staff, talked me through everything, gave me a tour of the facility, the sign up process was very straight forward, and most important excellent value for money.

John O'neill

Trolleys and Good Lighting

Great storage with lots of trolleys and good lighting. Lots of parking bays so it is easy to park close to the storage unit entrance. A friendly and helpful team (Anthony and Nick) that get back to you quickly by email or phone.

Tanya Grenade

100% Recommended

100% recommend Storage World. The storage lockers are well priced, secure and very clean. The facility is well set up to make loading and unloading very straight forward. Jeni on the desk was so increddibly helpful and went out of her way to make sure we were well set up and happy. Thanks very much to all at Storage World and particularly Jeni!

Tom Daubney

Business Self Storage

Can’t praise the guys enough, Tricia initially found me a unit over year ago and patiently kept me up to date on availability as I was unable to move my business as quickly as I’d hoped. All the staff are friendly and helpful. A safe and clean place to work.

Joanne Beswick