Business Christmas Storage

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Is your stock stacking up for that pre-Christmas frenzy?

Whether you are a single person operating a home-based business, or a large retail unit in the town centre or park, we know that for many of you the pre-Christmas period is the most hectic and stress-inducing. One key problem can be where to store the stock you wish to sell, or has already been ordered. This might even include helping those folk who buy bulkier items, but expect you to hold onto them until a day or two before the big event, as Santa won’t need them until then! Of course, if some product remains unsold after the festive season, you could even hold it until next year when folks return to purchase such items.

A simple solution to a range of such short-term needs is in the big yellow building at the City Centre end of Ashton Old Road. This is a perfect location for so many Greater Manchester area businesses of all sizes to use as their vital extra capacity storage solution. We can accept and securely manage direct deliveries from your suppliers and hold them until you are ready to use part or all of any consignment. There is also same-day move-in storage availability here at Storage World for those sudden and unexpected stock management situations when deliveries arrive before you are fully read to cope with them.

As we don’t ask for long-term contracts, this is the perfect answer to these pre-Christmas stock storage worries, allowing you the peace-of-mind to concentrate on maximising your sales at this vital time of year. We also know it’s not always possible to know when the main sale periods will be throughout this pre-Christmas buying season. That’s why, if you suddenly need to retrieve some of your stock at short notice, we’re always ready to make sure you can.

You won’t be surprised to know that we offer highly secure facilities, with 24 hour CCTV and security coverage, or that all facility management costs are covered by us; improved insurance protection is also provided. All you pay is for the space you need. Indeed, as your stock we hold diminishes, you can also decrease the size of space you have hired.

If you’d like to know more about how Storage World can help you cope better with your pre-Christmas storage worries, simply call 0161 274 4777 right now.

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