Boxes and Packaging Materials

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The benefits of choosing the right Boxes and Packaging Materials

When you decide that storage is the right option for your belongings, the next step is moving your treasured items from A to B safely and securely.

Historically in order to keep cost to a minimum packaging and boxes were attempted to be sourced for free from local supermarkets or grocers but nowadays with space at a premium and recycling such an easy thing to do, decent boxes and packaging materials are harder to come by and could be a false economy in terms of time and fuel sent searching out good quality boxes for your self- storage.

That’s why buying boxes is the best option to keep your belongings safe and secure and here’s a few reasons why:

–          Boxes can be purchased from 1 place in the right quantity saving time, hassle and potential disappointment.

–          Storage World boxes are built for purpose so you can be sure of their durability and cleanliness.

–          Using uniformed boxes of similar size and shape make for more efficient stacking thus maximising the storage space you’re paying for.

–          Well made, sturdy boxes built for purpose offer greater protection for your belongings

–          Box sizes are usually in size order, small boxes, medium boxes, large boxes making them easier to work with than whatever is available.

–          Storage World boxes can be reused over and over and flatten easily for storage

Here’s how to choose the right boxes and packaging materials for your belongings to ultimately save money through having greater efficiency:

–          Use smaller boxes for heavier items such as books and use large boxes for lighter items such as clothing and bedding

–          Think about how much tape you will require.  You’ll need to tape the top and bottom for safety.  Remember to buy more tape than you think you need…it does run out quickly.

–          Try not to use newspaper to wrap items as the ink can transfer onto your items and spoil them.  Instead consider foam, bubble wrap or plain wrapping paper etc.

–          Shrink wrap is great for wrapping furniture as it protects it and also keeps the doors and drawers shut on the furniture – make sure to remove the shrink wrap once finished with.

–          At Storage World we’re committed to helping you protect your items for storage and our team can help advise on the most efficient packaging materials for your requirements.

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