Considering Moving Home

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According to an article in the Manchester Evening News (MEN) House sales in the area have improved to a three year high, whilst prices have also improved across the same period. Yet the article also suggests that the quantity of fresh stock becoming available is still an issue.

Trends over the last 5 years has slowed the market down and caused many to consider the sales process one they simply cannot face. Showing people round, weeks of uncertainty, “do I don’t I” find another property and become emotionally involved – the list goes on.

For those who do have a compelling reason to move and are committed, there are five tips we can provide that assist, developed from the experiences of our clients (and not all involve Self Storage)

  1. Prepare your home for sale – make it feel roomy and aspirational – declutter
  2. Price accurately – high sales prices can be off putting for viewers
  3. Be prepared to break a chain – this can provide you a stronger hand in both sale & purchase
  4. Keep your head – stay practical and organised at all times!
  5. Engage experts – Agents, Removers etc, their expertise will save you money and time!Moving home should not be a process to be feared, yes it is tough but not impossible and the end result is often worth it – moving on!

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