Cut down on christmas clutter with self storage

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Clutter around the home isn’t just annoying, it’s genuinely harmful to health. A messy, cluttered home can cause an increase in stress according to research from the USA’s UCLA. While many people may assume clutter is an easy thing to get rid of, to those faced with a cluttered home it can feel like a mountainous task. As Christmas approaches, the risk of increased clutter around your home grows even higher – whether it’s buying and storing gifts you intend to give, receiving new gifts you may barely use on the day itself or even just the wrapping paper, decorations and other items associated with the season.

Considering the negative health effects of clutter, it’s important to stay in control of your home this Christmas in order to keep things ordered and tidy. That way, you can enjoy the festivities without feeling your home is overwhelmed by unwanted mess. Here are a few ways to cut down on clutter during the happiest season of all…

Self storage

Self storage is a great option for those who have lots of items they can’t afford to throw away. If you’re a big gift giver, for example, it may be best to store some of these in a self storage unit to avoid filling up rooms in your home. Alternatively, if you’re the type to light up your home like the Blackpool illuminations during Christmas, why not store the decorations and lights away from your home to free up space?

Recycle gifts

We live in a society of waste, where people often receive gifts they do not use or do not want. If this happens to you, why not keep the gift in storage and then give it to someone else next Christmas? While some people may frown upon this idea, it’s far better than wasting a gift or worse still, adding it to a pile of unused clutter hidden away in your home.

Organise and dispose

Clutter is typically hidden away in cupboards, lofts or garages. It may seem intimidating to confront it, but the best way to declutter a home is to actually address the problem. Christmas is a good time to do this, as you can donate anything worthy of donating to charitable causes. Unwanted clothes? Donate. Unwanted toys? Donate. Broken or damaged items? Dispose of them. Considering Christmas is a season of goodwill, it’s the perfect time to sort out your clutter and create joy in those less fortunate by giving it away.

With the importance of cutting down on clutter so apparent, why not invest in your own self-storage unit? Storage is a far more affordable option than you’d think. We’re the experts in self-storage Manchester wide and further afield – so get in touch today and see how we can help you clear up your home and enjoy a clutter-free Christmas.

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