Declutter your wardrobe with self storage

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Declutter your wardrobe with self storage
If you feel like a modern day ‘princess and the pea’ due to sleeping atop an ever increasing mountain of clutter, you’re not alone. With rent currently at a premium, especially in city centres, most of us are making do with a smaller amount of floor and storage space than we’d ideally like.

As a result, we’ve come up with continually ingenious ways to cram all our belongings into slim wardrobes and vacuum packed bags underneath the bed. Victory is ours, we cry! Except it starts to get a little tricky when you need to find that amazing pair of shoes that you know will work perfectly with this outfit. Pulling out boxes and bags from under the bed results in an avalanche of winter jumpers and knitwear that renders your tidy bedroom a chaotic jumble sale.

Anyone who knows and loves fashion is aware of the paradox between having a collection of clothes and accessories you love without the walk in wardrobe to truly appreciate them. No matter how many guides you read about streamlining your look, it’s sometimes impossible to downsize as much as you need to. So instead of trying to work with the space your landlord gave you, why not use self storage to manage the overflow?

The first step is organising your wardrobe into seasons, or more accurately considering the British climate, weather defined clothing. If your drawers and cupboards are overflowing in August with chunky knits that you’ll know you will need in a few months, invest in a storage unit to keep items like this safe and accessible. Floor space is what you pay for, so buy some cheap, transparent acrylic boxes that enable you to see what’s in each one at a glance. A clothing rail is ideal for the bigger items that aren’t suitable for folding and can be kept on one side of the unit while the boxes are stacked on the other. Suddenly, you’re not tripping over your winter boots every morning while rummaging for sandals but you know exactly where to find them once the mercury starts to drop. Who said streamlining your capsule wardrobe had to involve painful goodbyes on eBay?

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