Do I need Self Storage insurance?

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Self storage insurance is a requirement when storing your items with Storage World. Whilst our storage facilities are secure with sophisticated CCTV systems and all comply with safety standards and fire regulations, there is still always a risk with any stored item. There are certain unpredictable events when we can’t fully guarantee the protection of your goods, such as fire and flooding and for this reason we make it mandatory that all customers have self storage insurance. This ensures that you have complete peace of mind that all your valuable items are covered in the unlikely event that the worst should ever happen. 

Storage World provides bespoke self storage insurance that is tailored to meet the individual requirements of each customer depending on the value of the items being stored. With our policy your items are insured from the day you move them into the store until the day you take them out. This not only provides you with the confidence of knowing that your items are insured during your entire stay, but it also means that you only pay for the days your items are in store. 

Please note: It is rare that personal home insurance policies provide cover for your items whilst in storage and even if they do, they often don’t cover all the potential risks of storing in a self storage facility. Our self storage insurance policy has been designed by industry experts to fill this gap and provides several benefits that household insurance can’t offer. All major self storage companies in the industry follow a similar policy to provide customers with this additional benefit. 

What does our self storage insurance policy cover against?

Our policy covers you against third party liability and pretty much anything else associated with storing your items in one of our facilities; Fire, explosions, water damage through flooding, burst pipes, theft by forcible entry into a unit – a full policy terms and conditions document is provided on request. 

What level of cover do I need and what is the cost?

The policy provided is based upon the replacement value of the items you are storing. Therefore the insurance cost is kept separate to the storage unit cost as every customer has a different requirement for insurance depending on the value of their items. This is also why it is difficult to provide an accurate quote for insurance coverage until you have calculated the total value of all the items you wish to store. Once you have this value our team at Storage World will be able to provide you with a personalised quote for the level of cover required. 

Many customers access their units frequently and change the goods they store. We match the movements to the correct insurance values, with cover amended the same day. 

What items can’t you store at Storage World?

At Storage World, we like to be as flexible as possible with what you can and can’t store within our units. However, like all storage providers, we must follow some key regulations set out for both the safety of yourselves, our colleagues and our stores and prohibit the storing of the following items: 

  • Any foodstuffs, plants or animals
  • Paint thinners, petrol or oil 
  • Any explosive substance (including fireworks) 
  • Flammable or hazardous items 
  • Any chemicals especially oxidising agents 
  • LPG Cylinders or compressed gases 
  • Any firearms or ammunition 

Should you be found with any of these items in your storage unit when making an insurance claim for damage or theft, the policy could be made void. 

In short, if you choose to occupy a storage unit at Storage World, then you are required to have an insurance policy in place, whether provided by ourselves or an alternative provider. To learn more about our insurance policy or to enquire about a storage unit today, please contact your nearest Storage World, where one of our storage experts will be happy to help you. 

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