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Self Storage has become a UK phenomenon recently, a trend that started across the pond in America in the 50’s.

In America there are more Self Storage centres than there are McDonalds establishments. America is a big place, and along with an ongoing obesity issue they also have huge houses and the culture actively promotes them as the ultimate consumer, so American houses are filled to capacity. The average square foot of a standard American home is 2164 sq ft compared with the UK equivalent of 925 sq ft. In theory our American counterparts should have more space to store stuff. However, they choose to think differently, Self Storage is a lifestyle essential in America rather than an “break glass in case of emergency” service which it was previously thought of in the UK.

However, things are changing. At Storage World we’re finding people are dovetailing their opinions to those of our American counterparts. In the UK we’re in a crisis situation where it comes to housing, we are a small island and have a growing population that’s diving on every available property that’s within budget. The properties people can afford however don’t necessarily have the space they would desire, and this is where self storage comes into action.

With studio apartments starting in Manchester at 350 sqft, someone with a bike, luggage and day to day items that comes with everyday life frequently find there’s not enough room to store. Some things are used daily but others are seasonal, like clothing, hobbies and sports activities. So Storage World have created suitable space to absorb the demand, it doesn’t cost a lot, a Storage World locker starts at just £8 per week, this allows people the chance to still enjoy their home space, and not feel the need to have a larger home just to have bigger cupboards.

The ease of which it takes to secure a storage unit is compared to that of buying theatre tickets, it’s not like getting a house tenancy or mortgage, you can drive up with your boxes in your car and within minutes have them securely stored away in a safe, dry and purpose built storage unit.

We have avid hobbyists who are fanatical over their sporting endeavours, rock climbers, parasailers, canoers and other out-doors-y activities come with a fair chunk of stuff. Do you really want this expensive paraphernalia rotting away in a garden shed, or jammed in an attic where it could be lost under the eaves for a lifetime? No, probably not. You would much prefer to have it held in a safe, dry, clean and purpose built unit where it’s not going to be damaged and is going to be in exactly the same condition as it was when you put it in there.

There are multiple reasons to use Storage World Self Storage, for a quick example, go around your house and I bet in each room you could open a drawer or cupboard and find at least ten items you’ve not used in ages, will probably use some time in the future, but currently it just hogs valuable space. Now think how marvellously liberating it would be to box up the personal treasures and still have them, when you need them and free up all that space. Homes across the UK could benefit from a Spring clean. So why not start today, and liberate space in your life and home.

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