Fancy a games room for your home in Manchester? Self-storage is the answer

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The best thing about being an adult is getting to act like a big kid. This is one of the many reasons why more and more people are choosing to treat themselves to a games room. These, of course, can come in all different shapes and sizes – with some featuring the likes of pool tables, table tennis and classic arcade machines. Meanwhile, others simply feature the latest games console and a comfortable sofa. Whatever you choose, here are three ways that self-storage can help your games room come together if you’re living in Manchester.

Social life

Manchester is a thriving city with plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants. The majority of these are contained in trendy neighbourhoods like the Northern Quarter and Chorlton. So what’s your best option for some downtime if you live in an area on the outskirts like Moston or Chadderton? Rather than cram on to a tram with all your friends, you could instead clear the space for a games room by putting some items in nearby self-storage units. After this, everyone can just hang out at your place.


A games room should be a place where you can completely chill out and unwind, even if you’re just by yourself after work. You’d be doing somewhat of a half-hearted job if you allowed the space to remain cluttered. After all, who can relax when there are unnecessary items hanging around? Luckily you can keep any rarely-used belongings in self-storage until the time comes when you’ll use them again.


Let’s say that you get bored of playing pool – then what? Fortunately, you can simply reverse your games room if you’ve kept hold of your items in self-storage units. With units located just outside the city centre and in Middleton, all your items are still easily accessible from nearby areas such as Blackley and Prestwich. You can even keep the pool table in self-storage for when you get the urge to play again.

Bite the bullet!

There’s nothing to stop you from finally getting that games room you’ve always wanted – especially since there are self-storage units so conveniently located in Manchester. To get the ball rolling, be sure to get in touch with Storage World.

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