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Are you planning to put some furniture into self storage? We have prepared some top tips to consider before moving your furniture into your unit. Having a plan of how to organise your items will minimise the space required (saving you money) and help keep your items in the same condition as when you put them in your storage unit.

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Deciding on where to store your furniture is the first priority and it pays to think twice before storing your valuable furniture inside a shed or a garage. Storage World provides high quality, dry, clean, secure storage spaces ideal for storing furniture for short or long periods of time. We also provide workshop space which can be the perfect place to restore your furniture or even base your restoration business out of.

Current customers in our Storage World facilities include furniture collectors who have been storing with us for a number of years now. As they are often adding or removing from their collections, they love the flexibility of being able to increase or decrease the amount of storage space they have. It is also the perfect option for people moving home or refurbishing their existing home that needs some extra space to keep all of their household items and furniture. With our flexible storage contracts, you can rent the unit for as little or long as you need it giving you one less thing to worry about.

How to store furniture in a storage unit

It is vital to clean all your furniture before you put it in storage. Thoroughly cleaning your furniture will help preserve it in its current condition, it will remove any bacteria which can cause mould and by cleaning crumbs out of sofas you will reduce the risk of any pests entering your storage unit looking for a snack! It’s an obvious one, but using the correct cleaning material for the type of furniture you are cleaning will not only give you the best results but also make your life easier. It is also worth noting that it is a much nicer experience unpacking clean furniture should you eventually decide to move it out.

Transporting your furniture safely into your storage unit

By taking large pieces of furniture such as bed frames and tables apart, you can make it easier to transport it to your storage unit. You can transport it there in fewer trips and also reduce the risk of it getting damaged. The following steps can help with this:

  • Be sure to have the right tools for the job, you will likely need screwdrivers, spanners and Allen keys
  • Dismantle large items at their joining points and try to make it possible to pack them flat
  • Either screw back into the furniture, or tape any screws or loose parts that have been removed onto the furniture in a small bag
  • Cover your items with sheets to protect them whilst being transported
  • Secure items where possible to avoid them sliding around during the journey

Protect your items whilst in storage

Wrapping up certain items before you put them into storage will reduce the risk of damage whilst in store. Use sheets, blankets and corner protectors (all of which can be bought in our box shop) to protect items from dust and damage. We recommend placing a sheet on the floor of your storage unit to protect items from the concrete floor.

For delicate items such as glass, mirrors or china, the transport or packing of items into storage can destroy them unless they are properly packaged. To prevent this use packing paper to wrap items and don’t pack too many items into each box. At Storage World we have all of the packaging materials required to protect your items, simply call into one of our stores to pick up the packing supplies you need at a fraction of the cost.

The art of packing your self storage unit

One of the best pieces of advice we can give is to try not to pack too much into your unit that you end up causing damage to your items. It is important however to try and utilise the space as efficiently as possible so that you are getting maximum value out of your unit. For this reason some careful planning is required before you just start throwing all your items into your unit:

  • Store the largest, heaviest items of furniture at the back and sides, then pack boxes and smaller items towards the front
  • Leave enough space to allow you to move around and access items in your unit
  • Try to keep any items you might need frequent access to close to the unit door.

This may all sound rather daunting which is where we can help! Our friendly storage experts here at Storage World can help to organise many of these tasks to be carried out for you, both by ourselves and our trusted network of partners.

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