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Goods in Transit (Manchester)

Collating the necessary materials to undertake a contract or combining batches can be tricky to manage logistically, especially when the final use of those items is out of Town. What’s more, the additional transportation costs can be prohibitive and erode value, but if nothing else it’s in efficient.

Storage provides a service to its clients whereby goods are delivered to our address, we receive these goods and secure in your Storage unit notifying you of arrival. This service allows customers to have materials located close to Manchester City Centre and can act as a base for the duration of works.

Customers taking advantage of this service do so for the following reasons:-

  • Location (less than 1 mile from the City Centre)
  • Flexible Agreements
  • Cost Efficient
  • Security
  • Modern Facilities
  • Expertise (it’s what we do!)
  • Multiple Room sizes – only pay for the space you need

To learn more, contact the Storage Team on 0161 274 4777

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