Heading back to uni? Here’s why you should have used a storage unit this summer

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It’s that time of year again when students are packing up their belongings at their parents’ houses, and thinking about the long drive back to their university with a car full of stuff. For many people, this means repacking the boxes they only unpacked a few months ago when the academic term finished, dismantling furniture and debating whether the last bit of space in the car should be taken up with textbooks or clothes.

Added hassle and costs

For some people, their car won’t be big enough for all of the furniture needed, especially if you are moving into an unfurnished rental property rather than university halls, meaning you face the additional hassle (and cost) of hiring a van. In this case, it often means getting a parent involved too, as many students won’t be allowed to hire a van because of their age and lack of driving experience. Ultimately, this is a busy and stressful time of the year for everyone involved.

Self storage = less stress

However, for those people who used a storage unit to house their belongings over the summer months, there will be none of this stress. These people will be able to easily access their items without having to drive them across the country, and can easily pick up their items without the help of Mum and Dad. Keeping your items in storage over the summer saves you huge amounts of time, stress and fuel costs, so it’s not difficult to see why more and more students are choosing to rent a storage unit near their university.

Short-term storage unit rental

Students at The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan and The Royal Northern College of Music are all based extremely close to Storage World’s Manchester storage units, and can all benefit from keeping their items in storage over the holidays. While second and third-year students will often be able to leave their belongings in rented accommodation over the Christmas and Easter breaks, this is not always the case for first-year students staying in halls. We offer short-term storage unit rental to accommodate their needs. For more information, contact us (https://storageworld.co.uk/contact/) today.

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