How entrepreneurs are using self storage to empower their businesses

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More and more Britons are taking the plunge and becoming self-employed. What used to be seen as a risky business is now a major force in the UK’s economy, and individuals working for themselves are finding more inventive ways of getting ahead. At one time, it was incredibly difficult to work for yourself. Between the difficulties of marketing and the expense of space, small business owners were crippled by costs before they had the chance to start. But the modern computer age and many advents in technology and conventions of trade have changed all this. Businesses are run from kitchen tables and spare rooms, rather than costly offices, and entrepreneurs are using smart storage to empower them in their businesses.


The days of needing a second mortgage or bank loan just to rent the space to store your stock are long gone. Lack of storage space used to be a major issue for small and medium-sized businesses, as storage capacity tended to be big; big spaces for big businesses with big price tags. This was a major stumbling block for entrepreneurs looking to strike out in retail, mail order, or any business that required the storage of physical products.

Many people turned to home storage solutions, but these are dicey – having so much stored at home is cumbersome and disorganised, and blurs the line between a work/life balance. It was stressful, often caused unforeseen difficulties, and frequently contributed to businesses going under. But now entrepreneurs are using alternative storage solutions it’s a different ballgame altogether. Smart storage has bred smart entrepreneurs, and business owners are now leveraging the power of smart storage to their advantage, paying low rates for small spaces that can be packed with a lot of stock.

Self-storage solutions offer the ability to secure stock in a safe and easily accessible environment, with seamless vehicle access and helpful staff on hand to make life as easy as possible. The rise of internet shopping and fast pick up and delivery has also supercharged the process, allowing anyone with wifi and an Etsy or eBay account to run a profitable business from their laptop or tablet, while the physical products they sell are kept safely out of sight, at a location that ensures efficient delivery when orders are placed.

The entrepreneurial life is on the rise and smart storage solutions in Manchester are happily feeding the tide. For your storage space, contact Storage World – we’ve recently expanded!

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