Benefits of storage during a home makeover

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If you’re having work done at home, whether it’s a redecorating job, a complete makeover or making structural changes such as adding an extension, it can be disruptive to home life. To make matters worse, your possessions and furniture might get in the way, which means they’ll need to be moved so work can take place.

Whilst small items can be easily moved into another room, it may not be so easy to move large, bulky or heavy items from one room to another during home renovations. Most of us simply lack that extra space.

A really useful option to consider when undertaking a home makeover is to put your excess items into self storage. Many people think of self storage primarily for use when moving home, but the wide options available and affordability make it a great choice for lots of other scenarios, such as making space during a home makeover. You can often store items for a short time or longer, allowing you to fit your self storage needs around how long it takes to get the home renovations completed.

Keeping your items in self storage during home renovations means you can rest assured that they aren’t going to get damaged in any way when work is taking place. This could be from splashes of paint, dust, debris, chemicals or fumes. If any part of your home is being exposed to the outside during work, such as if you’re having a new roof fitted, it also makes sense to ensure your possessions are protected from the outside elements.

Another advantage of having your belongings kept in storage facilities during home renovations is that once work is completed, you can restyle your room from scratch. By having an empty space, you can then decide where to put your items once you retrieve them from self storage. A home makeover, even just redecorating walls or having a new carpet fitted, can make a room feel completely different from before, so like a blank canvas, you can plan the layout of the room before your items are safely and securely returned.

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