How to save money in your business using self-storage

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When you’re running a small business the costs stack up alarmingly quickly. Getting things off the ground is very expensive, and every tiny thing counts.

Your largest outlay, at least initially, is most likely to be the costs incurred renting a premises for your new business. Even the most basic offices, warehouses or retail properties are very pricey, and you’re looking at hundreds of pounds per month, if not more. And that’s before you’ve factored in business rates!

Alternatively, self-storage has many great advantages for businesses…


With a self-storage unit to store all your stock in, there is a great deal of flexibility you would not be able to find through other storage solutions. You aren’t tied to any kind of long-term contract, which means you only need to rent your space during the times you need it. This is especially useful for seasonal businesses requiring lots of storage space, but only for set periods each year. In addition, if your space requirements change you can easily increase or reduce them. This is handy in terms of logistics, but can also save you a bundle in rent by ensuring you’re only paying for the space you’re using.

No business rates

When you rent a property there are business rates to pay. That is not the case with a storage unit. Additionally there is no need to pay for council tax, and other costs a property would incur. You will need to pay VAT, however if you are VAT registered this can be claimed back.


Self-storage units offer a much higher level of security than most retail premises, in particular your home. They are generally equipped with CCTV, security alarms, and various other methods of surveillance.


Self-storage units are extremely convenient, offering access at any time. You can easily pop in and out when required. In addition, self-storage companies often accept delivery of goods for you, ensuring no time is wasted waiting for deliveries, or going to pick up items you missed.


It’s possible to actually work in and from your storage unit, packing goods on site. There are business who operate completely from their storage units, creating small offices inside to ensure it’s a one stop and very cheap solution to all space requirements.

Here at Storage World, our new self storage and workspace is a modern 500 room converted building in Greater Manchester. Contact us today for all your storage needs – whether temporary or permanent.

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