How to size your self storage units

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If you’ve made a commitment to decluttering your life, you’re probably trying to work out the size of the storage unit you’ll need for those overflow possessions. After all, you might not want to get rid of them so you’ll need somewhere secure to leave them for the time being. Whatever you need to store there’s always a unit that’s the right size for you, but how do you take the guesswork out of choosing the right one?

Take stock of your storage needs

If you’re in the North West and you only have a few boxes, then storage lockers in Manchester or Oldham will be the perfect size for them. But what if you have bulkier items or furniture? Measure up and try using our online size estimator to calculate the size of the storage units you’ll need.

To stuff or not to stuff?

If you just want to lock up and go, then you’ll be happy to cram all your stuff into the smallest possible space. However, if you want to be able to move around or you need space for storing more delicate valuables, consider a slightly larger unit.

Think about removals

This is a useful way to think about the size of the storage units that will work with your belongings. Typically, the size of your storage unit will be one size smaller than your removals van, so if your lorry was a 25 footer, a 20 foot self storage unit will be big enough.

If in doubt, go larger

If you’re looking for self storage in Manchester or Middleton, don’t make the mistake of booking a unit that’s too small to save money. It’s often more cost-effective to go for a slightly larger unit size that only costs a few pounds more where you can store your items easily and safely.

Gauge it for yourself

You might have a good idea of the size of the storage units you need, but nothing beats seeing our storage facilities for yourself. At Storage World we have a wide range of units from lockers to workspaces and we’re centrally located in Manchester and Middleton meaning you can always keep an eye on your property. Why not get a quick quote today and talk to one of our storage experts about your self storage needs?

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