How to store and organise camping equipment

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Loving the outdoors can come with a few issues when you don’t have the space to store all your camping, hiking and adventure kit. Using a storage unit is the best way to store your camping equipment when space is limited. Here at Storage World, we’ve put together a few handy tips on how to best store and organise your camping equipment. Remember – if you’re looking to store your equipment in and around Manchester or the North West – then Storage World is the place to do it. 

How to store your camping equipment 


After a weekend camping trip your tent might not be in the cleanest condition. Before storing it away, a good idea to keep it in good condition is to simply wash it with soap and water and avoid using household cleaning products so as not to damage the material. For storing your tent, a useful tip is to loosely roll it up and place it into a large pillowcase. This ensures you avoid putting unnecessary stress on the fabric and makes sure your tent is undamaged for your next trip. Avoid folding it, packing it up too tightly, or packing it in hot or humid places as this can cause tears or weaken the material.

Sleeping Bags and Blankets  

When it comes to sleeping bags and blankets, ensure they are fully dry and rid of any other items that may have been accidentally wrapped up inside of them on the return from your trip. Laying your sleeping bag out and neatly folding to put back into the carry case allows you to easily remove for its next use. It is essential that you store your sleeping bag and blankets away from any damp space, so putting them in a plastic box will keep them dry and clean away from dust and dirt.


When you come back from those outdoor adventures, the clothes you’ve worn during your trip might not be suitable for everyday outings. Storing your clothes among your everyday wardrobe will take up additional space that could be used for something more practical. Keeping your camping clothes neatly stored away in your storage unit with the rest of your camping equipment is a great idea, leaving you with extra space at home while ensuring all your need for your next trip is kept in one, easy-access place. To store your camping clothes neatly and safely, use airlock bags to tightly seal them. This is a great way to keep them fresh and it even means that they’re packed and ready to go when you head out on your next camping trip. 


When storing camping electricals, remove batteries from appliances before storing. Camping radios, torches and other electronic devices that are battery operated need to have the batteries removed as they can leak and cause damage to your device, as well as the area where it is stored. By safely removing the batteries of your devices during the period of time they are stored, you can ensure they’re in good working order for your next trip. 

How to organise your camping equipment 

Plastic Boxes

Tidying your camping items into stackable plastic boxes enables you more space for bigger camping items as you can store these vertically and make the most of the overall space in your storage unit. Plastic storage boxes are a great way to keep organised inside your storage locker as you can clearly see what is inside each individual box without having to open them one by one, and you can easily label these boxes too. Using stickers can help keep camping gear organised into different sections or using a marker pen is a good tip as the ink can easily be cleaned if the contents of the box changes. 


Putting tarpaulins, or tarp sheets over your camping equipment is a great way to protect your gear and stop it from gathering dust and getting dirty while in storage. Tarp is also really easy to store as it can be folded up really small when not in use, giving you extra space in your storage unit. 


Pegboards are a great and efficient way to store your smaller outdoor goods, such as knives, tools, torches, fold away chairs and much more. Pegboards keep all of these little items from getting lost among boxes or strewn on the floor, keeping them out of the way in an organised fashion. Hanging items neatly on a pegboard also helps you to easily view and locate the tools you require, and it makes it much simpler to restore your tools once you return from a trip.  


The most obvious solution for camping storage is of course to have some shelving added to your storage unit. Shelves are a great way to keep your equipment off the ground and at eye level so that you can easily locate them the next time they’re needed. Placing items on shelves can also give you more space and help to keep your kit fully organised by designating each shelf to a specific item. 

Make sure that all of your camping equipment is dry and clean before you put it into storage to avoid causing mould, rot or mildew forming. At Storage World, all of our storage units are housed internally with temperature regulation to ensure your equipment is protected from damage at all times. We also have robust security measures in place, with 24-hour surveillance in operation across all of our storage locations to keep your equipment safe from theft. 

If you have too much camping equipment lying around and getting in your way when the season comes to an end, give us a call. We can offer you a great rate for the perfect sized storage unit, with no contract commitment and you will only pay for the space you actually need. We help you to store your items in the most efficient way, enabling you to take a smaller unit and keep costs to a minimum. Get in touch with us by calling us on the number for your nearest store below.

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