Advantages of Self Storage

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Our friendly team here in that big yellow building close to the city centre are always poised to pick up the phone. We are eager to start a conversation with everyone who calls from anywhere in the Manchester area with a storage or space problem, however big or small, complex or simple, it might be.

However, our job can be quite frustrating because the folk who do contact us often seem to end up saying things like: “I wasn’t sure if you’d be able to…? or “I didn’t think that you could…? even “I’m surprised that you can…? Yet, on virtually every occasion, our experts end up sounding like a US presidential candidate of recent times, by saying: “Yes we can!” Just to prove the point, here are ten circumstances where the caller’s problem was solved when we…

– stored vital business documents for a customer who needed to be able to access them quickly at any time

– kept a family’s possessions safe for a few weeks while they waited to move into their new home

– looked after some home furnishings as a couple undertook some much-needed renovation and decoration in their flat

– provided an extra storage room when an aged relative moved in with her son for what turned out to be an extended stay

– acted as a retail storage unit holding the stock for an expanding online business

– safely held a family’s possessions while they lived abroad for a few months

– provided a convenient trade counter for a spare parts business

– kept some valuable family heirlooms in our version of protective custody

– provided temporary office space while an expanding company searched for a new permanent Manchester base

– offered an immediate place to store stock after a sudden shop fire

Our team like to offer extra help when we can

Of course, it’s much more than just having space to rent. Delivering solutions like the above has also involved us in supplying a range of packaging to help protect valuables, offering transport when needed; plus both 24-hour CCTV-backed security and vital contents insurance.

No we can’t – Incidentally, we do occasionally receive requests that even we can’t comply with, such as: “Can you look after my collection of snakes while I’m out of the country for a couple of months?” However, if you were going abroad, we could keep some teddies and other stuffed animals safe and secure for little fingers to grab on your return.


So, if you feel we may be able to help you, our hands are poised to pick up the phone if you just call 0161 274 4777.

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