Inherited a property? Consider a self storage unit

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The death of a close loved one will always be a complicated time. Not only do you have the rush of emotions surrounding your loss, combined with the happy memories you will keep, but there are also a number of practical things you must attend to; registering the death, organising a funeral and sorting out the will.

Inheriting a home and all the furniture might be something you have prepared for, but the shock of the death will make everything more difficult. The person is no longer there, but their house and all their possessions are, often a whole lifetime’s worth of accumulated furniture and trinkets.

The vast majority of the items are going to be worth little, but still, have enormous emotional significance to you. As such, it can be extremely difficult to know what to do with everything, especially at a time close to the death. Combined with this, there is the question of what to do with the house. Most people will choose to rent it or sell it as quickly as possible so that they don’t lose money by having it sit there and grow decrepit. The question arises, what should I do with all the possessions?

An excellent solution would be to rent a self-storage unit and place the items and furniture there. By keeping everything in storage, you can get the house rented or sold as quickly as possible, while still keeping hold of the possessions while you work out how to distribute them. Equally, when renting a storage unit, you can visit it as frequently as you like, meaning that you can come and sort out the items as and when you feel emotionally ready, without having the items in your garage, cluttering up the place and causing you upset.

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