Issues in shared accommodation – and how self-storage can help solve them

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There are a number of reasons why you might be considering sharing accommodation with someone in the Greater Manchester area – you might be sharing digs while enrolled at one of the great universities, or taking the plunge and deciding to co-habit with your partner.

Sources of conflict

According to a UGallery survey, 83% of women questioned confessed that they found moving in with a partner really tough. While the usual niggles – toilet seat lids left up, toothpaste squeezed in the middle – apply, there are some serious areas of conflict to be ready for.

You won’t be surprised that money is one of the main sources of conflict when you first share a flat or house in Manchester. Finding no milk in the fridge hours after you pay for a big shop can get nerves jangling just as much as rent negotiations! So, it’s important to set out clear ground rules on who pays for what – and to arrange a contingency plan in case one of your housemates struggles with cash at any point.

Keeping calm in a squash and a squeeze

The other big source of heated debate is often space. When you first move in together, you may find it hard to amalgamate all your belongings – especially if you have duplicates of a lot of the basics. Alternatively, if you’re students in Manchester, the chances of you renting a house with equal-sized bedrooms is fairly small – so someone may have to spread their bits and bots to the communal area.

Self-storage offers a great solution for many space-related arguments when you start living with others in the Greater Manchester area. Booking a self-storage unit gives you ample breathing room: it’s a great way to store your belongings temporarily while you decide what to sell or dispose of, and it also gives you a safe, accessible place to store you lifetime collection of items while you see if the whole living together thing works out.

Contact us at Storage World to find out more about our affordable solutions in the City Centre and Middleton to help make sharing a flat or house less of a battle field.

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