Keep your possessions safe while you travel the world

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More and more people are choosing to travel the world after they have finished studying.

This often presents the problem of ensuring the items you own remain safe upon your return, whether that be a few months or a few years away. While family and friends will be excited for your new adventure, many will be unable to provide a free room to leave your belongings in for extended periods of time and shipping all your belongings out to a new destination can be impossible when you’re visiting several countries in a relatively short space of time.

Travelers can feel uneasy and even guilty about the responsibility leaving their goods places on people who have limited space themselves. Here at Storage World, help is at hand with a comprehensive range of self storage facilities to provide space, security and choice. With 500 converted rooms ranging from the size of a shower cubicle to half a tennis court, no matter how much or how little space you need, there is an affordable solution for you. Whether a four poster bed or a didgeridoo collected from your last traveling experience, there is a room or cubicle to suit your individual needs.

A job, partner or bucket list dream could be the catalyst to have a temporary change of scenery, but it doesn’t mean you have to sever all ties with your home town or city in the heart of Manchester. University of Manchester students are also offered a vast range of overseas options during their studies and Storage World is the solution when items need to remain near the university for further study but require safe storage.

After working hard to save money to travel, to have to throw away or try to sell cheaply the possessions you still hold dear to you is not an ideal scenario for many. Instead of allowing your possessions to hold you back from saying yes to a foreign adventure, explore the storage possibilities inside our modern service, conveniently located just minutes from Manchester city centre.


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