Keep your stock close and your office closer

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If you are the owner of a small business, you may need both office space and storage space. Every business, including yours, should have a space where it can carry out transactions and receive customers. What’s more, your business may have large amounts of stock that needs to be stored safely.

Here at Storage World, we offer self storage units and office units in the same building. Rather than renting an office and a storage unit separately, we enable you to hire both storage facilities and an office on the same premises. But what exactly are the advantages of doing this?

1. Security

Do you worry about the security of your business’s stock? By storing your stock within walking distance of your office, you can ensure that you are able to keep an eye on it throughout the working day. Of course, most self storage units are designed to keep your possessions safe. However, there’s no denying that having your unit within reach of your office boosts its security a little.

2. Convenience

As a business owner, you may need to access your stock at short notice. If your storage unit isn’t near your office, it can be inconvenient to get to – you may even have to interrupt your work day and close up your office while you retrieve your stock. By keeping your stock in the same vicinity as your office, you can eliminate this type of inconvenience. It is also more convenient than keeping your stock in your office space, because it cuts down on clutter.

3. Cost effectiveness

Retrieving your stock from a storage unit that isn’t near your office isn’t just inconvenient, it can be expensive. After all, transport costs can quickly add up if you have to make multiple trips to retrieve the stock you need. You can reduce your overheads by storing your stock within a short distance of your office.

Here at Storage World, we appreciate that it isn’t always easy to run a small business; maintaining an office and looking after your stock can be a challenge. That’s why we provide flexible, convenient storage facilities and office space that are positioned close together and that you can access with ease.

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