Keeping property in sheds and outbuildings “stores” up trouble

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Did you know that over half of the bicycles stolen in Greater Manchester are taken from their owner’s property? In one startling theft, five bikes worth a total of £15k were snatched from a garden shed in a Manchester suburb.

You might think you will be fine, as you have your shed locked and secure, but one set of brazen thieves took the whole shed away!

Thanks to both opportunistic and gang thefts, Manchester businesses that rely on storage from outbuildings and workshops are equally vulnerable, despite high walls and fences and outside lighting. Feeling complacent that your major items are stored away in main buildings is no longer an option, as creative criminals in the area can make use of all sorts of things you routinely store in workshops and external storage.

Greater Manchester even has the highest UK record for thefts of business fuel, with over 3,800 incidents in a 12 month period.

This leaves many firms struggling to meet the costs of the latest high tech security systems to cover every inch of their property, and home owners unable to trust their own sheds and garages for storage.

With rising numbers of people working from home, and using their outbuildings to store equipment, stock and finished goods, thefts can even result in a small venture having to shut up shop. One man in Manchester who restored vintage motorbikes was devastated when £25,000 worth of bikes, parts and tools were stolen from his workshop.

So, what is the solution for Greater Manchester’s home and business owners? Especially those who can’t afford ever-more sophisticated security on site?

The answer is to use the secure storage units offered by Storage World, which can be highly affordable and easy to access. This is not just an option for long time storage or large commercial contracts. The storage is open daily for a substantial time period, and offers the option of self store units for home owners and smaller enterprises.

So if you want to deter thieves in Greater Manchester, take advantage of our high tech security, and give them nothing to take from your shed, garage, workshop or outhouse!

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