Kid’s flown the nest? Here are 3 ways to make the most of their bedroom

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Following the Salford and Manchester Uni graduations, perhaps your kids are ready to move out of your home for good. And, as you may be aware, their first rental is likely to mean them downsizing and storing plenty of items at home. Rather than leave their bedroom as a reminder of the past, think of it as an opportunity to make the most of your space and reclaim your home. Read on to find out how you can create a silver lining from your kid flying the nest.

1. Use it as an opportunity to declutter

Decluttering seemed to be the buzzword of 2017 interiors. If an item doesn’t bring joy, then surely it can go? Take inspiration from this and bring some calm into your home by purging your belongings. Start with your kid’s bedroom – you may be surprised by how much clutter you find. However, be sure to ask before you get rid of items, to avoid any arguments.

2. Self-storage is your saviour

Reclaiming their room may mean giving it another use entirely, which is likely to have no need for a bed or bulky bedroom furniture. Perhaps you don’t want to part with these items or you’re unsure whether your child may return in a year or two? This is where self-storage comes in. Rather than having to get rid of items and regret it in the future, you’ll be able to collect them whenever you need. Self-storage is also a great way to store sentimental or important items that take up space, but you’re unwilling to part with. Fortunately, FlexiSpace’s locations include an easy to access space in Manchester – perfect for staying local.

3. Be selfish

So, you’ve spent 20 years or more raising them, it’s time for a bit of ‘you’ time, right? Think what you’d really like to do with their space and go for it. Perhaps it’s an exercise room, a home cinema, walk-in wardrobe or even a workshop? Use this time to indulge in yourself.

4. Create a space that has more use than one

To make the most of your space, turn it into a multi-functional one. An office can double up as a guest bedroom, or a walk-in wardrobe can double up as a gym. Be inventive and cater to all your needs.

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