Manchester Self Storage Tenants

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Why Storage World Self Storage Manchester is essential to tenants

Manchester City Centre had blocks of buy-to-let properties snapped up in the property boom years, this is why 80% of the city centre live there as tenants. This phenomenon spread country wide, with a huge percentage of the population have become landlords, albeit purposefully or reluctantly. This affects tenants in many ways.
A professional landlord will be happy to have a property rented out for the long term, a reluctant landlord is only doing so out of necessity, and when possible will sell it when the right buyer comes along, and this affects the tenants.

Many families are finding themselves in crisis situation due to their rented homes being sold from under them. Unfortunately tenant’s rights only mean they can stay for so long in a rented property, there are no tenancies for life in the private sector. So, having to find alternative accommodation is a priority. When you have a family, work and other commitments, moving to a property out of the area isn’t really an option. Buying a home is out of the reach of most young families, so the double edged sword of renting goes through a conveyor belt process.

When seeking alternative accommodation you normally have to take what is available at that time, a selling landlord is unlikely to hold off on a completion date because you can’t source a new home. So, with most properties you’ve got furniture that fits the house you are in. Some will fit in the new one, some won’t, some rental properties are furnished and you have a dilemma of what to do with your treasured home furnishing. This is where Storage World comes into action.

– We have many units that fit every budget and every size
– As your need increases, or decreases we can adapt the size of unit you need
– Storage World contracts are charged by the week so your short term or long term requirements can be catered for. Even if it’s a few days storage while your new property comes available you can have full peace of mind.
– We can arrange delivery, pick up to make your life much easier.

We have discovered with many of our domestic customers, they find Self Storage a valuable resource and a growing need. In the ever changing dynamic world we live in, we still want home comforts and work hard for what we have, so those items we hold most dear need to be treated with the respect they deserve.

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