Meet Kat

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kat-caricatureNext in line for our Meet The Team profiles is Kat – our Duty Manager. Join her as she reminisces about her first experience on the forklift and what she’d take if she was stranded on a desert island!

Julian: Briefly sum yourself up in a few sentences?

Kat: Agh, this is one of those questions that’s always harder to answer than you think! I guess, if I was going to sum myself up, I’d say I’m a friendly and outgoing person that always endeavours to put the needs of others before myself.

Julian: Describe your most memorable moment whilst working at Storage World?

Kat: It has to be the time I first learnt how to use the forklift. Naturally, working at a storage company, I was required to learn how to operate the forklift, as you never know when you may have to move something particularly heavy. To cut a long story short, let’s just say my first experience on the forklift almost ended in disaster! Thankfully, nothing was broken in the process and we all had a good chuckle about it.   Although I’m certainly more competent now,  I still don’t like getting on that thing!

Julian: Haha phew!  Kat,  if you were stuck on a desert island, what 3 things would you want to have with you? And why?

Kat: Firstly,  I’d bring a snorkel. I love swimming and exploring the ocean. In fact, I have plans to go and learn to Scuba Dive in New Zealand in the not too distant future! Next, I must admit I’d love to have a bottle of red wine, on seconds thoughts, maybe a crate? Ha!  I’m a real wine enthusiast and I’m sure a glass of red wine would provide me with great comfort!  Finally, have you heard of the book Shantaram? Well, it’s my personal favourite – I could read it over and over again!

Julian: Shantaram!? I’ll have to check it out… Next Kat, if you could have one superpower? What would it be and why?

Kat: I know everyone probably says this – but how awesome would it be to have the power of flight!? One things for certain, I’d fly off to New Zealand right now to start my Scuba Diving  course.  Travel is a true passion of mine, but unfortunately I’m not able to travel as frequently as I’d like, as flights are so damn expensive! Eliminating the costs of plane tickets by flying to places would truly be my dream.

Julian: Agreed, being able to fly would be amazing.  Finally, what do you particularly love about working at Storage World?

Kat: It would have to be trying to solve customer problems, or similarly, working flexibly to work out the diverse requirements of our customers.   Working out solutions for challenging circumstances is what makes any job exciting right? I have to deal with a wide range of customer enquiries on a daily basis!

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