Moving home like a pro; handy tips

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While you are likely to be excited to move house, and all the new opportunities that it will bring, there is one part of the moving process that almost everyone dreads; packing up all of your belongings. Organising everything you own into cardboard and plastic boxes is difficult and time-consuming, and then you have the additional problems of unpacking everything again at the other end and finding new places for all of your items. Our experts suggest a few tips to help ease this process, allowing you to move home like a pro.

1. Pack early

While it may sound obvious, many people underestimate the amount of time it will take them to pack, and having to rush as they get closer to the moving date. By starting early, not only will you be able to ensure everything is packed in an efficient and organised manner, but you will be able to enjoy the last few days in your old home, instead of rushing about stressing.

2. One room at a time

By packing items one room at a time, you will be able to organise all of our belongings, and easily unpack them again when you reach your new house, placing the boxes where they need to go. It is also worth starting packing with the rooms you need the least so that you are not packing away items you use on a daily basis weeks before you move. Gardening tools and Christmas decorations are perfect items to start with.

3. Place larger items in a storage unit

Transferring your larger items to a self-storage unit before the big move makes the moving day so much easier. It removes the risk of these larger items being damaged by removal companies and allows you to focus on moving all of your smaller items. Once you have got these unpacked in your new home, then re-introduce the larger items of furniture, as you can now be sure exactly where you want them to be placed.

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