Moving your Business from your Home

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The economy and advancements in technology has created multiple opportunities for people to develop additional income streams from home. These businesses can start off as a modest sideline, yet soon develop into something that can take over.

Your home is your personal space, a place to live, relax and enjoy. So operating a business from it can be something of an invasion – of stock, controlling stock, paperwork, deliveries, dispatches, supplier visits and so on.

There are also implications with security, insurance and the effect your business may have on your relationship with your neighbours!

A Self Storage Room can provide a robust, practical, cost efficient solution to give you your home back and elevate your business activities. And you would not be the first – indeed today Storage boasts more internet retailer businesses in our customer base than any other customer group.

Room sizes range from 20sq feet – plenty big enough for 30 Archive Boxes through to over 400 square feet, itself great than a double garage. So if its boxes or a container load of stock, Storage has a solution.


We recognise that our clients needs change and especially in business. So whether business is growing or slowing we enable you to move up and down room sizes without penalty to suit your requirements at anytime. The space temporarily for a large delivery or long term – no problem; you can store from two weeks or 10 years the choice is yours…

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