5 steps to simplifying your house move

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No matter how perfectly or how far in advance you plan your house move, there’s always the chance that your chain will break down, the house will fall through or that someone just changes their mind. So what do you do? You could throw your hands in the air, abandon months of work and hope for better luck next time, or you could give yourself a bit of breathing room by putting your furniture into storage and going ahead with your house sale. Self-storage units offer a safe and secure way to keep your possessions safe while you iron out the problems with your move. Here are the steps you can take:

1. Find a self-storage unit

If you’re in this situation, find a conveniently situated self-storage unit. Even if you need the space in a hurry, there’s no problem as self-storage units are often available on the same day

2. Get packing materials

This can be tricky if you need them quickly, but you will often find that your storage company can help with this. It’s important to use the correct packing materials to keep your treasured possessions safe while they are in storage.

3. Use a removal service

Local removal services can be a bit hit and miss and many national firms need to be booked well in advance. Check to see if your storage company will provide removal services, so you can concentrate on getting your house move moving again.

4. Pay the right price for your self storage

Just because you need your storage space as soon as possible, don’t feel that you need to pay over the odds. Look for competitive pricing guarantees, so you know you’re paying the right price. Moving house can hit your finances hard, so make sure you find a self-storage company that won’t take advantage of your situation.

5. Sit back and relax

The hard work is done. You’ve found somewhere safe and secure to store your belongings, you’ve had expert help with your removal, you’ve paid a fair price and your house move is back on track. Now you deserve to take it easy for a while. If you’re looking for self storage in the Manchester area, why not use Storage World?

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