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Student Season
Storage World has a site in Manchester, as many of you may, or may not know, Manchester is a student city.  We have an enormous population that attend the core Universities that draw the students into the city. These of course include The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, The Manchester College, Manchester International College and UMIST.
With the Summer season just around the corner the most of the student population will be heading back to their family homes or jetting off on travels for the three to four months.  Many have accrued an abundance of student “stuff”, heavy text books and things that will not be required when grape picking or island hopping around European and Asian continents.   Many don’t want the inconvenience of dragging, everything up and down motorways to clutter up their old bedroom (or at least the parents of students don’t!).  So what is the solution?
Storage World Self Storage offers fantastic short term storage solutions for students, we even offer removal and delivery solutions at a discounted rate through partners.  A basic locker that will accommodate over 25 archive boxes comes in at just £10 per week, so if you work out how much a couple of tanks of fuel it’ll cost for parents to drive and shift everything, it works out far cheaper.  We also have other units that will accommodate bicycles, desks and bookcases, if students want to share a unit this will reduce the individual cost further.
Here at Storage World we’re very accommodating, focusing on your needs.  Moving is stressful, and not very fun, especially if it’s just for a short term period.  So put the stress on us.  We can organise a door to door service, all you have to do is box it up sign up for a licence agreement and we’ll arrange the rest.
When you come back for the September term, you’ll be tanned ready to start your studies and just need to unbox your possession into your new student accommodation. It really is that simple.
Space is provided on a first come first basis, however fear not, you can reserve your space today by picking up the phone and calling Jonathan on 0161 274 4777 or pop down for a visit at our Ashton Old Road site today, we’re 5 minutes walk from Piccadilly Train Station. Speak to you soon?
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