Online Retail Storage Space in Manchester

When you run an online business, you can turn a great profit without the worry of significant overheads such as commercial leases, bills, insurances and all of the other costs involved with having a physical premises.

online retail storage space solution

Of course, there are costs involved with running an online business, such as website maintenance, marketing, customer service and of course, order fulfillment. Another cost that comes with an online retail store is storage space for your stock, thankfully we’re here to say that this cost doesn’t have to be a big one. 

Perhaps when you first began your venture into the online retail world, you were comfortably running it from your home, but in order to keep more stock and fulfil larger order volumes, you really do need an external space to store your inventory. 

Opting for a self-storage unit can cost significantly less than a large warehouse, while still providing all of the same benefits, and more! Read on to find out more about utilising a storage unit for your online retail business.

Who can use self-storage for online retail stock?

Any business that operates online and has a small to large quantity of stock can hire a storage unit to help their business run more efficiently and successfully. At Storage World, we have a number of small businesses including Etsy, eBay and Amazon users, as well as slightly larger businesses such as established ecommerce stores.

No matter what it is that you’re selling, so long as it does not include any items prohibited from self-storage, then you can make use of a storage unit to help you keep your stock organised and ensure that you have appropriate levels to meet customer demand. 

Online businesses that are suited to, and currently using Storage World for stock storage include, but are not limited to: 

  • Antiques
  • Clothing & Footwear 
  • Toiletries & Beauty 
  • Books
  • Car / Bike parts
  • Toys
  • Personalised items 
  • Furniture 
  • Electrical goods 
  • Memorabilia

And many more. Don’t see the nature of your business listed here? Then please get in touch to tell us more about your online business and we can match you to the ideal solution for you.

How does using storage work for retailers?

Keeping your stock in a storage unit is really simple, all you need is some basic organisational skills and of course, enough space to store your inventory. The great thing about using self-storage for stock management is that you can upsize or downsize your unit as often as required, without incurring any fees for doing so. 

Storage container setup for storing retail stock

This means that should there come a time when you outgrow your current warehouse storage, you can seamlessly move to a bigger space on the same day, providing a unit of your required size is available. This ensures that your business can continue to operate smoothly without disruption, so you can satisfy your customers at all times. 

Simply enquire with us, tell us more about your needs and we can provide you with the details of the best value solution for you. Once you have decided on a storage space, you can then begin to plan move-in, which in some cases can be on the same days as you enquire if not very soon after this. We have a team of storage specialists on-hand to help you, so that you have everything you need to get set up successfully. It really is as simple as bringing your stock, setting it up as you see fit and beginning to process and send out your orders from within your unit, just as you would anywhere else. 

Storing your stock at Storage World also makes the logistical side of your business easier to manage, because you can fulfil orders directly from our facility with our in-house postal service. This makes it simple to send orders out daily, and we can also provide you with any packing and paper materials that you may need too. 
Keep all of your stock stored in category order, so that picking and packing orders can be time-efficient to enable you to fulfil more and more. You can read our ‘How to effectively organise a self-storage unit’ blog post for more top-tips on keeping your unit in optimum order.

Why choose Storage World for your online retail storage?

  • We have three pristine storage sites based across Greater Manchester, to ensure you have a base that is suited to both your business and personal needs
  • We have a trusted network of professional movers that can help you when moving items in and out, to make this process easier for you
  • There are multiple space options available to you for storing stock and equipment, preparing items for dispatch and managing all aspects of your business efficiently
  • We have a dedicated postal room on-site at all three of our facilities, where couriers can deliver or collect parcels – free of charge
  • Royal Mail makes two visits per day to collect items for dispatch, or bring back returns, so if you receive a lot of orders, you can ship these on a daily basis and keep your customers happy
  • WiFi and 4G is available so you can focus on staying organised and delivering second to none customer service, as well as your products or services
  • Each unit that you rent with us can be used to suit any business needs you require, whether this is just for storage or if you’re looking for somewhere to call the principle trading location for your business
  • Our storage unit sizes range from 20 to 500 sq ft in size, at all three of our sites and benefit from higher ceiling heights, drive-in capacity and enhanced accessibility
  • Take advantage of our other convenient instore services, including mail boxes, paper and packaging materials and free parking
  • Whether you need one unit or several units to manage the growing capacity of your business, we are always ready to help you find the most cost effective solution for you as your company evolves, meaning you can upsize or downsize whenever you need
  • We also have a range of bright, modern and affordable offices onsite – meaning that we have everything you need under one roof to accommodate your needs as demand increases to fully operate your business from one location.

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